Deadly Dreamers: Showcasing First Nations creators authentically with Twitch

Twitch ANZ sought to celebrate the Deadly Dreamers who make up the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander community on their platform.

The Twitch ANZ platform is home to creators from a diverse range of communities and cultures, with Australia’s First Nations people being no exception. Building on national NAIDOC Week celebrations, Twitch ANZ saw the month June as the perfect time to celebrate the platforms Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander streamers and greater community.

The month-long campaign’s objective was to elevate and celebrate the First Nations community in ANZ. Key creators were highlighted in order to spark a connection with the Twitch ANZ and drive them to discover a community of smaller, but massively talented, streamers.

Amplifying individuals to celebrate the wider community.

Our Deadly Dreamers campaign content tapped into the rich talent found in the First Nations streaming community. From individual creator highlights, to video content that recapped the best moments streamed during the campaign, the content always put the community first.

We prominently featured the work of First Nations artist and streamer /lifeofrubii, organically incorporating her unique perspective across social media assets. This created an authentic voice for Twitch to interact with the greater First Nations community.

Throughout briefing and creative development, we consulted with DEPT®’s own First Nations representatives to make sure we connected to the community with authenticity and respect.

Authentic representation led to authentic interactions. Our approach to celebrate the creativity of First Nations streamers, raise up their profile and share their content drove consistent engagement.  

Hero the community, create positive engagement.

Our Deadly Dreamers campaign content tapped into the rich talent found in Our Deadly Dreamers campaign made an impact all month, with 185,673 total organic impressions across X and Instagram. The content cut through the audience’s busy feeds, with an average engagement rate increase of 4.22%. Our campaign hashtag #DeadlyDreamers caught on, with 1.69m hashtag impressions. Hero creator content proved most popular across X, whereas stream highlights and video work made the biggest impact on Instagram. These creator focussed content led the campaigns most successful assets, showing the emphasis on authentic celebration of the community vs. talking at the community.


VP of Creative & Media

Jessica White

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