An immersive digital experience for the future of at-home fitness

As a longtime player in the fitness industry, Interactive Fitness Holdings, Inc. is pushing the field forward with a new smart bike that transforms at-home cycling into an immersive adventure. From heart rate training and instructor-led classes to dodging dragons or riding under the sea, the Capti bike merges physical cycling with an ever-evolving digital platform that offers something for everyone.

They tasked DEPT® with designing an intriguing digital experience to capture pre-orders and generate excitement around the smart bike’s launch.

Because Capti leverages immersive design and gamification to draw their audience into the world of fitness, BASIC/DEPT® approached their website with a similar sense of fun and adventure.

BASIC/DEPT® fused imagination and cutting-edge technology to reflect the innovative nature of their brand while positioning them at the unique intersection of home fitness and virtual gaming.

To gain an in-depth understanding of the smart bike and the vision for the new brand, BASIC/DEPT® conducted an immersion workshop with the Capti team and tested out the beta product.

BASIC/DEPT® then synthesized our collective insights to set measurable goals, establish clear expectations for our collaboration, and develop a strong foundation for the new digital experience.

Elevating the physical product with digital design

With a focus on development, integrations, QA, and animations, BASIC/DEPT® designed a digital experience alive with whimsical creatures and engaging content to drive demand and encourage users to explore the Capti brand.

BASIC/DEPT® worked alongside the members of Character and Outerspace to elevate Capti’s look through an intentional color palette, elegant silhouettes, powerful videography, and a visual language reminiscent of video games—down to the glitchy green highlights and futuristic typography.

BASIC/DEPT® showed off the unique physical features of the bike and its interactive technology, from the 24” touch screen to the Terrain Adapted Resistance™. Our teams also developed a timeline to illustrate the evolution of their products, leveraging the company’s history to build trust and anticipation for their newest release.

Building a narrative to drive pre-sales

Through rich animations and renders, engaging lifestyle content, and digestible copy, BASIC/DEPT® developed a dynamic narrative around the smart bike’s functionality.

BASIC/DEPT® pulled stats, graphics, and animations from the games and incorporated them throughout the site to educate people about the product and inspire them to join the Capti community. BASIC/DEPT® also used the bold aesthetics of the new brand to create a cohesive experience across platforms, fully immersing users in the Capti world from the moment they discover the website to their first smart bike adventure.


Head of Marketing US

Kristin Cronin

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