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Redefining the outlet shopping experience

Delivering outstanding shopping experiences across 11 European centers is challenging, especially when competing with theme parks and major tourist attractions. 

VIA Outlets partnered with DEPT® to design location-specific websites, a new corporate website, and an advent calendar campaign. 

VIA outlets shopping experience offers

Balancing local needs with corporate goals 

Our mission was to increase foot traffic to VIA’s outlets, creating a holistic strategy while also acknowledging local demands. To overcome the push and pull between corporate and local teams, we built a platform using Contentstack with local customization options and centralized efficiency.

This includes a rule-based offer generator that allows local teams and brands to create local offers–all while maintaining the VIA brand standards set by corporate teams. This user-friendly system has reduced manual work and found that sweet spot between customization and efficiency. 

VIA outlets shopping experience advent

Competing with major players in entertainment 

Our design team focused on cultivating excitement, nurturing leads, and fostering growth. The core strategy was positioning VIA as a captivating alternative to theme parks and major attractions. 

We created immersive brand pages inviting users to explore premium brands while also focusing on the website’s functionality, ensuring easy access to essential information and guiding visitors to discover brands, products, and shops. 

For VIA’s Christmas campaign, we introduced a bespoke Advent Calendar where visitors could unlock daily offers. This delight bridges the digital and physical realms and is set to evolve with upcoming holidays like Easter for a continuous experience at VIA Outlets.

VIA outlets shopping experience uxui

100%+ increase in dwell time 

This project is a testament to the tangible outcomes achieved through a strategic blend of technology and user-centric design. Despite the relatively short duration since the website’s launch, the impact is impressive. The website now boasts a 100-120% increase in dwell time compared to previous metrics, indicating a heightened engagement level and increased interaction. The website has also experienced a 20-30% surge in direct traffic.

Beyond the quantitative metrics, users actively engage with the content and offers, showcasing a positive shift in consumer behavior. The success of these strategies not only positions VIA Outlet as a leader in the competitive landscape but also establishes a foundation for continued growth and innovation in the digital space. 


local websites launched


direct traffic increase


dwell time increase

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