Helping Otrium to scale at pace

Otrium, the global marketplace for end-of-season fashion, has millions of members, all seeking an exceptional customer experience. As the business, founded in the Netherlands and now operating out of 3 global hubs (Amsterdam, London, New York) has scaled, it has sought external suppliers to help the business to constantly renew and refine its platform. As part of this continuous improvement, Otrium works with DEPT® who provided additional creative tech and data experts.

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Building e-commerce teams

With its high ambitions, Otrium needed a supplier large enough to cope with the scope of the business briefs, but still small enough to care about the detail at every level. Work with DEPT® has been focussed on establishing a number of integrated teams that work both physically and remotely. These teams reflect Otrium’s hybrid model to help build e-commerce tools that enrich Otrium’s shopping experience across all touchpoints in the customer journey.

We value the quality of work and service that DEPT® has provided us with.

A trusted supplier

Drawing on years of experience running innovative campaigns for fashion brands such as Adidas and Ganni, DEPT® has applied this experience to its work with Otrium helping its accelerated growth. Leander Sikma, CTO at Otrium: “We’re on a rapid growth trajectory, wholly focussed on our vision of the future when all clothing is worn and we have eliminated unsold inventory from the fashion supply chain. To achieve this it’s really important that we have trusted suppliers who can work with us collaboratively and seamlessly. DEPT® is one such relationship and we value and appreciate the quality of work and service that the DEPT® team has provided us with.”

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Strategy Director

Danijel Bonacic

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