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Empowering prosperity throughout the world

The client, who is a leader in the financial services sector, has a vision to provide accountants with the tools they need to confidently manage their client’s finances. This client offers smart, software-specific solutions to help individuals and small businesses prosper, and more than 100 million people worldwide trust this company to manage their finances.

To power prosperity throughout the world, this cloud-based online accounting software enables professionals to securely service their clients from anywhere on any device. The client’s software is tailored to B2B professionals who manage tax preparations for individuals or companies.

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Lift in web traffic


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Lift in leads

Increase efficiencies with cross-channel marketing

In the years ahead, the financial software market is expected to grow rapidly as businesses continue to operate remotely, face increased threats of cybersecurity, and navigate challenging market dynamics. To seize market opportunities, this client needed to expand its reach and drive new leads.

In this push for growth, direct response tactics are often seen as attractive ways to connect with customers. Bottom-funnel tactics like paid search are often seen as the most direct way to connect with customers. And while paid search certainly drives efficiencies for those researching or ready to convert, other channels like display and video help reach and nurture new prospects earlier in the consumer journey. Sustainable growth today requires companies to simultaneously secure new leads and re-engage prospects.

By leveraging deep audience insights and programmatic media buying, we recommended the client diversify their media mix to attract and engage more consumers. To accomplish this, we strategized a growth marketing program that used customized messaging, real time bidding, engaging content, and a rich audience strategy to reach the right user with precision.

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Accelerate growth with programmatic amplification

The client’s sights were set on expansion, additional reach, and bottom-funnel growth. To achieve this vision, our team recommended a cross-channel, programmatic campaign that spanned display, online video, and connected TV.

As part of the campaign, we conducted a Matched Market Testing (MMT) to validate the true impact of the campaign on business growth. MMT involves rigorous testing and analysis to determine the true impact and incremental return of media tactics, and marketing channels. This approach is used to validate or disprove a channel’s incremental impact on business performance and is particularly useful in markets where there are increases in competition. Incremental lift is defined as the influence of marketing and advertising beyond native demand, such as growth in leads and sales that would not have occurred without marketing efforts.

MMT is a four-part methodology, beginning with test setup and validation, followed by market pairings, test intervention and finally, closing with a causal impact analysis. Leveraging both first- and third-party data, markets are paired based on size, causal impact modeling, and AA testing. Channels are then tested in paired markets for their ability to drive incremental leads and increase web traffic. The client was able to use this research to strategically evaluate leads, online traffic, cost per lead, and the cost per site visitor.

Our campaign for the client prioritized three channels that served audiences with content at the optimal time in their customer journey to drive conversions: online video, display, and connected TV. Video is considered the most impactful channel to generate brand awareness, particularly when combined with cross-channel and cross-device retargeting.

A match made for success

Growth marketing, when done well, incorporates a holistic approach to manage broader company goals and influence more conversions earlier in the buying cycle. Blending first- and-third-party data, the client’s growth campaign targeted two audience segments – prospecting and retargeting – to successfully attract and engage those at the upper and mid-level of the funnel.

Overall, the programmatic campaign we built for the client took an omni-channel approach featuring online video, connected TV, and display advertising. By looking beyond simple attribution, we structured the campaign and its measurement efforts to drive bold business impact including:

18% incremental lift in national high-quality leads at a profitable cost per lead

7% incremental lift in web traffic


VP of Growth

Lou Amodeo

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