Delivering joy with an unexpected duo – Just Eat Takeaway

Just Eat Takeaway shook up its branding by extending its “Did somebody say…” campaign into the digital domain, employing Christina Aguilera and rising hip-hop artist Latto. The campaign aimed to transition the brand from being a mere deliverer to a diverse food cravings caterer. The partnership, mirroring Just Eat Takeaway’s vast food choice, carried the campaign from live promos into an engaging digital experience. Immense reception across Europe, UK, and Australia validated the strategy’s success.

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  • The use of well-known musical icons connected with the audience on an emotional level, reinforcing the brand’s message while fostering increased engagement.
  • Successful cross-platform integration, achieving uniformity in presenting the brand’s image and message across TV, digital, and social media.
  • A proven effective strategy, as indicated by the campaign’s reach, engagement and positive user sentiment.

Just Eat Takeaway (AKA Just Eat, GrubHub, SkipTheDishes, and Menulog) is a household name around the world known for its on-demand delivery of delicious dine-in dishes—and its iconic campaigns starring some of the globe’s biggest names in music. 

Since launching its “Did somebody say …” campaign in 2019, the brand has extended its reach from Europe to a global audience, collaborating with beloved music icons, including Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry, to secure a place on the cultural map. But Just Eat Takeaway wanted to go even bigger and demonstrate that it’s more than just a courier of restaurant meals. So, once again, the delivery giant tapped the team at DEPT® to help get its message to the masses on digital and social channels. 

In this “Did somebody say” campaign installment, an unexpected duo featuring pop icon Christina Aguilera and rising hip-hop star Latto excites, entertains, and delivers joy with a surprising visual and musical world.

Expanding the (musical) menu

As Just Eat leveled up its game to give customers more food choices and convenience, the brand knew it had to sing it from the rooftops. Just Eat Takeaway wanted to show everyone that the app is not just your average food delivery but a platform that can cater to all your food cravings. With so many competitors, it needed to stand out as the global leader in food delivery. 

To bring this feeling of versatility to life, Just Eat Takeaway enlisted two artists from two different musical genres to frontline their campaign. Latto’s exhilarating hip-hop energy and Christina Aguilera’s iconic range of operatic vocals create an unexpected musical show shopper. Most importantly, the duo reflects the pleasant surprise customers feel when they see the amazing selection and quality of food choices available on Just Eat Takeaway, beyond the same-old restaurant dishes users expect.

“Snoop Dogg helped us emotionally connect with audiences and boosted our cultural currency. Working with Katy Perry famously supporting the brand platform ‘Did Somebody Say’ which cemented Just Eat Takeaway’s role as the answer to all food cravings,” Susan O’Brien, VP Brand at Just Eat, commented. “The electrifying mix of Christina Aguilera and Latto is not only unexpected. It reinforces the message that you’ll be amazed at the selection and quality available on Just Eat Takeaway.”

As our business evolves to offer more choice and convenience from your favorite local takeaway to everyday essentials, it’s only right that we evolve our successful creative formula.

Susan O’Brien, VP Brand at Just Eat

Delivering the message hot

DEPT® teamed up with Just Eat Takeaway to extend the feeling of joy stemming from its Above the live campaign and TV commercial (created by McCann London) and bring the music, visuals, and excitement to audiences online. The global campaign, led by a 60” hero film, ran across TV, OOH, DOOH, cinema, social and radio, including bespoke content created by DEPT® that stretches the campaign across the digital landscape.

Jeff Bowerman, Executive Creative Director at DEPT®, said: “Our role at DEPT® was taking this great idea and making it sing in social and digital spaces. Tapping into cultural and native platform insights to speak to audiences wherever they spend their time while making sure we deliver key brand messages like range and delivery in stand-out creative ways.”

Serving up success

Just six weeks after launching in mid-October 2023, the campaign saw incredible reception and engagement across eight markets covering Europe, UK, and Australia. 

Notably, the campaign garnered:

  • 96 million video views across teaser, 60”, TVC cut downs, and digital videos
  • 24.6K social mentions
  • 253K social comments
  • 3 million total engagements
  • 74% positive user sentiment

The latest iteration of Just Eat Takeaway’s “Did Somebody Say” marketing campaign also included its most liked video on social media, with Xtina’s 60-second TikTok accumulating the most likes, shares, and views using the Did Somebody Say official track. Her video received 13M views and 1.7M likes.

Finally, amongst all the food and fun, TikTok users have flocked to using Just Eat Takeaway’s official sound on the platform. More than 9,000 videos have been created for the campaign music, generating:

  • 104 million views
  • 17.9 million likes


Managing Director, Marketing Technology UK

Ali Mcclintock