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Best Visual Design – Aesthetic

Evrnu’s website marries art and technology in its design, setting a benchmark in aesthetics. Reflecting its innovative stance in textile recycling, the site’s clean, modern look, inspired by nature and recycled materials, aligns with sustainability. Its intuitive layout, high-quality images, and animations highlight Evrnu’s process and impact, offering an uncluttered yet appealing interface. This design approach not only embodies Evrnu’s brand essence but also stands as a prime example in web design, showing how aesthetics can powerfully enhance a brand’s message, particularly in the field of Web Design.

Takeaways Best Visual Design Aesthetic

Harmonious Design: The website’s design perfectly aligns with Evrnu’s sustainable ethos, using nature-inspired aesthetics to create a visually appealing and meaningful user experience.

Intuitive User Experience: The layout and navigation are crafted to guide visitors smoothly, ensuring that the aesthetic elements enhance rather than overwhelm the user journey.

Strategic Use of Visuals: High-quality images and animations are employed to effectively communicate Evrnu’s message, demonstrating the power of visual design in storytelling.

With a mission to reduce the garment industry’s environmental impact, textile innovations company Evrnu® needed a brand image that reflected its ambitions. 

After its first product, Nucycl®, was named one of the best inventions of 2022 by Time magazine, the company turned to DEPT® to carve out a defined brand strategy and identity for the organisation and its technology as their journeys gathered pace.

Ambitious aims

Evrnu®’s world is full of colour, resonating with the vibrancy and brilliance of nature, while the world of Nucycl® (its premiere brand) is more toned back, echoing the clarity and purity of science.

Our challenge was to strike the right balance of individuality and symbiosis between the two. And we delivered an end-to-end experience design, bringing clarity and direction to Evrnu® and Nucycl®, while also carving out a defined purpose and mission for each in a competitive market. 

The ultimate aim was to create a positive identity that communicates optimistic and distinct elements, which come to life via the thoughtful design. And the end result is one that brings each world to life with ultra-realistic, original 3D landscapes that immerse and inspire.

Blending passion for the planet and people

For Evrnu®, we created visuals that showcase natural resources, such as cotton and water, and celebrate their textures. The logo features small intricacies and details that help make it inherently warm and ownable.

Highlighting scientific excellence

Nucycl® is the first expression of Evrnu®’s expertise. The Nucycl® technology is a fibre made entirely from cotton textile waste that can replace and outperform 90% of materials in the current textile market, and can be recycled without loss in performance or quality, turning the textile waste into pristine fibres. Evrnu® has earned the support of major brands including Levi’s, Stella McCartney, Target, Pangaia and Zara. 

We translated this into the craft of the Nucycl® logo design, echoing its approach. Simple and minimal, the new logo nods to the brand’s circular mission, the ‘c’ is a perfect circle, and the ‘n’ is flipped from the ‘u’ to create a sense of synergy. In terms of design, the scientific aesthetic of the Nucycl® world is centred around the different parts of the innovative fabrication process.

We were massively inspired by Evrnu®’s mission and ethos, which serendipitously aligns with our design vision: great design connects hearts and minds and in this case science and nature. We wanted to dial up that duality and really take inspiration from natural elements to help Evrnu® and Nucycl® come to life.

Coralie Carré, Creative Director at DEPT®

Digital expression

The core elements of the creative work are supported by a flexible design system with a suite of dynamic assets and design expressions, including the typography, grid, blur filter, patterns and bespoke iconography. 

In addition, the new immersive website showcases the unique expressions of Evrnu® and Nucycl®’s parallel worlds. 

The website also displays a simple, bold layout that lets our new personality shine. Large areas for typography put a strong emphasis on the brand’s mission-based philosophy, while the use of a subtle yet precise grid allows us to dial up the scientific and technical feelt, while acting as the foundational structure of the digital platform. 

Animated infographics help to demystify the process, while the transition and parallax effects are used to keep the user engaged throughout the navigation. 

The result is a hyper-realistic yet futuristic aesthetic that brings passion, art, and science together. It also helps the company’s mission to positively empower a movement that drastically reduces the textile industry’s environmental impact.

After always pushing for the best creative outcome, the work DEPT® delivered has surpassed our expectations. Our industry and products can be complex to communicate, but the passion, enthusiasm and flexibility demonstrated by the team has helped us develop a distinctive and authentic brand strategy and identity that perfectly reflects and complements Evrnu®’s unique standing in the market.


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