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How it all started

Lapierre, a French bicycle manufacturer and part of the Accell Group, asked us to develop a campaign to launch their all-new electric mountain bike, the GLP2. Featuring a powerful Bosch electric motor, and a super light, super strong, full carbon frame with racing geometry. Lapierre’s ambition was to launch the GLP2 in a very competitive e-mountain bike market. And a great bike deserves a great campaign. Lapierre’s asked Dept to develop standout content for a multichannel campaign, persuading riders to take their game to a whole new level and become real mountain goats with the all-new Lapierre GLP2.


Defying the odds

The GLP2’s extremely low centre of gravity makes it stand out from other motorised mountain bikes. It enables the GLP2 to stick to trails, allowing its rider to perform the impossible. This feature inspired the tagline we developed for the campaign: Defy Gravity.

These two words were the starting point of our content creation. Our idea was to play around with perspective, using the centre of the GLP2 as an anchor in video and photography, tilting and shifting the perspective of the camera to magnify the gravity-defying ability of the bike.


Teaming up with the G.O.A.T 🐐

Advertising a high end, powerful, and gravity-defying machine like the GLP2 requires putting it into action, to show riders what it can do. And no one could better demonstrate the mountain bike muscle of the GLP2 than the man instrumental in designing the bike: Nico Vouilloz, 10 times downhill mountain biking world champion.

We met up with him in Guillaumes, an Alpine region in the south of France, and sent him off several gravelly rollercoaster trails. With dust, rocks, and Nico himself flying through the air, we were able to really capture the might of the GLP2.


Flipping the camera on its head

The content we captured in France was shot in such a way that enabled us to create assets tailored to each channel and aspect ratio. The ‘centre of gravity’ perspective, using the bike as an anchor in each shot, ensures epic content across YouTube, Instagram timeline and Stories, Facebook, and on Lapierre’s website.

We also created bespoke edits and animations for each channel, making sure our content defies gravity no matter where you see it. The photography holds a special place in the campaign because every image is an interesting puzzle, in which the world is tilted or thrown upside down.


Defying gravity across Europe

We adapted all content to be used in 6 different European markets, inspiring riders in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom to Defy Gravity with the Lapierre GLP2.