Analytics & Data management

Understanding the digital behavior of your customers is crucial. We measure and analyze a variety of statistics and map the full customer journey to improve user experience and digital marketing activities.

Get to know your visitors

Getting a true and comprehensive understanding of the digital behavior of your clients and customers starts with web analytics. With web analytics software, we gain insights into how visitors arrive at your website, app or other digital platforms as well as how they use it. It tells us about the demographics that make up your visitors, the devices they use and even where they are. Comparing historical data and discovering trend lines then provides you with invaluable insights.

How we can help

Before we start measuring, we agree on KPIs and what success looks like together. Based on these objectives, we draw up a measurement plan. As an official Google Analytics and Tag Manager Certified Partner, measuring the digital events that matter to your business is second nature to us. The bigger the challenge, the better.

It all starts with collecting relevant data. We use tag management software as well as data layer and direct coding methods to accurately take stock of conversions. These conversions can be e-commerce transactions, form completions, calling a phone number, offline purchases and app downloads. Only by gaining a full view of your organization’s data landscape can we begin to make that data work for you.

Integrating data

Bringing data from different devices and platforms together is essential in order to understand the full customer journey. Using a uniform user ID, we map all the touch points (web, mobile, app, omni-channel) to create valuable insights into the customer journey. This way we can spot opportunities to improve your users’ experiences and to enhance your digital marketing activities.

Knowledge is power—make sure you’re using that treasure trove of data lurking below the surface of your organization!