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Whether you’re developing a digital strategy from scratch, revamping an old one or rolling out online campaigns, Dept can help you do it all.

The need for a digital marketing strategy

Wondering where to start in developing a digital marketing strategy? You want to have online visibility to achieve positive results but your competitors want the same thing. To get ahead, you must choose the right channels, find the right target group, and setup your campaigns perfectly. A digital marketing strategy reduces the time spent playing the guessing game. It is the foundation for all of your digital marketing activities.

Our Dept process

Current situation & objectives
Our starting point is always your business objectives, seting a dot on the horizon with a view on how to get there. This is the foundation of your roadmap. It includes acquisition, customer engagement, a media strategy and how to work across all channels.

To reach people, it’s important to first know who they are and where they are. That’s why we start with a comprehensive analysis of your target audience and current customer base. Collecting data on their online behaviour gives us information to sketch the customer journey.

Strategic plan & tactics
Using our findings, we recommend a plan to address any gaps. We also highlight how to leverage short and long term opportunities to evolve your digital marketing approach. We can help you with implementing your strategy at the right time via the appropriate channels. This includes achieving the best mix of owned, earned and paid media.

Action & control
It is important to continuously monitor and track all the clicks and conversions. The results can then be compared with your KPIs. We share weekly, monthly or quarterly, reports which are accompanied with explanations of the impact, performance and forecasted next steps. After all, only an integrated approach between all marketing channels derives the best results.

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