Marketplace Strategy & Analytics

The complex nature of marketplaces is constantly evolving, and requires a thorough understanding in order to be leveraged fully. We drive business growth on digital marketplaces through knowledge transfer, strategies and recommendations based on real data.

Insights and strategy

Insight-driven strategies that are actionable, customisable and flexible are key to expanding profitable growth. Our team of experts has a precise understanding of the market and its characteristics. We work with brands and manufacturers to derive insights and build an actionable strategy based on their individual needs. This includes a multifaceted scope comprised of the following:

  • A deep-dive into the overall market environment
    Examines segment relevance, market size, market share distribution and competitor landscape to forecast market potential.
  • Evaluation of the target market
    Serves as a reflection of consumer demand to predict product performance.
  • Understanding of consumer behaviour
    Observes customers’ product searches, interactions and reviews to ensure they remain at the center of the strategy.

Knowledge transfer

Active brand and manufacturer involvement in business performance is a key contributor to success. We offer various tools to make this possible, helping to establish a foundational, company-wide knowledge base about marketplaces through customisable training and workshops. We create a learning environment that takes different proficiencies into account and helps all relevant parties achieve a uniform knowledge level.

Our approach

Digital marketplaces are complex and multifarious. Maintaining a consistent and holistic overview of all the requirements, working methods, principles and best practices makes strategies and actions truly effective.

Our goal is to help brands conquer various aspects of a given marketplace or even multiple marketplaces while maintaining and strengthening their brand image through workshops, academies and guides.

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