Transitioning from Google Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, adaptability is key. JYSK, a prominent retail brand, recognized the need to evolve and embrace the future of data analytics. Together with their team, DEPT® guided JYSK through the transition from Google Universal Analytics (UA) to the advanced Google Analytics 4 platform.

A smooth transition

GA4 features enhanced insights into user behavior, but these capabilities need harnessing to extract value. 

That’s why our data team’s collaboration with JYSK started with a focused migration strategy. The goal was to ensure a seamless transition, not only in terms of data but also in terms of dashboards and user confidence. The partnership also included training for JYSK’s team to utilize GA4 moving forward. 

Google consent mode

During the project, we introduced technologies that would enhance JYSK’s data collection, including Google Consent Mode and server-side tagging.  

Google Consent Mode offers websites more flexibility when using Google products together with cookie banners and a consent management platform. With Consent Mode, JYSK’s team can recover vital insights into how effective their digital campaigns are even if their users do not accept cookies. 

Consent Mode enabled JYSK to treat certain users data anonymously, while processing others users data as normal. By implementing Google Consent Mode in Germany alone, JYSK saw a 50% surge in website traffic and a 24% increase in captured revenue. 

Server-side tagging 

Additionally, server side tagging helped JYSK’s team leverage Google Tag Managerinstrument to  applications across devices. Server containers used the same tag, triggers and variable model that they were used to, while also providing new tools.  

The new cloud-based server container improved the speed of JYSK’s website, handled data loss from ITPs and IOS restrictions, and lessened the negative effects of ad blockers. This setup will set first-party cookies and server-side data streams that. 

It also provides an extra layer of security to comply with GDPR, since all the collected data can be modified and enriched in the server environment before passing it on to vendors such as Google.

“At JYSK, we are happy with the collaboration with DEPT®. Every time we have questions or need help, we are experiencing them as competent, helpful and accommodating. Over the last 12 months, they have helped us with the setup of GA4, the shift from Google Analytics Universal to GA4, server site setup and other topics within web tracking. In all areas, they have helped us satisfactorily and with high quality. We greatly appreciate the collaboration and can recommend DEPT®.”

Thomas Lykke Sørensen, Web Analyst, JYSK

A forward-looking approach

All in all, we facilitated a frictionless shift, easing JYSK’s concerns about migrating from UA to GA4.

Our partnership with JYSK is an ongoing journey. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline aimed at enhancing JYSK’s performance in the digital landscape. Our commitment is continually exploring new avenues, technologies, and strategies to keep JYSK at the forefront of the competition.


Senior Digital Analytics Specialist

Oliver Pedersen

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