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Navigating the collapse of the retail marketing funnel 

Digital marketers will tell you it’s been a long time coming. 

Gen Z will say it’s not their fault. 

Some strategists will cling to it anyway. 

But the traditional retail marketing funnel has collapsed—and what was once seen as a linear path from awareness to consideration to action is now a nebulous landscape in which each touchpoint can play a variety of roles in a customer’s journey to purchase. 

In the booming retail industry, for which the National Retail Federation predicts more than $5.23 trillion in sales in 2024, consumers have more opportunities and avenues to shop than ever. 

Social media is the new storefront. Search engines are digital billboards. Even video games are shoppable. And although the pandemic caused a surge in e-commerce, the online shopping behaviors that consumers adopted in recent years haven’t reversed. Instead, channels from TikTok to Temu are only making digital retail bigger and the purchase funnel even less predictable and straightforward. 

This PDF contains insight into this new trend and how brands can adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape. Download today!

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