From start-up to international player

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Timeless chic meets North-German way of life. With its minimalist and maritime-influenced collection of watches and accessories, PAUL HEWITT has quickly become an established player on the market.

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Get ready to conquer the world

PAUL HEWITT products can be found in more than 3,000 stores around the world today. This international growth was also the driving force behind the search for a new system for the online shop. DEPT®’s task was to develop an international B2C and B2B e-commerce platform that would set the online shop up for the future and meet the challenges of rapid growth, particularly in the B2B business.

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Good ideas sometimes flourish faster than expected

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It’s good to be able to respond to these quickly and flexibly: with the right B2B and B2C platforms. Parallel to re-platforming to the Shopware Enterprise Edition, we have developed an independent front end for the B2B sector and extended it to include features such as a list-purchasing function.

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Individual configuration and social commerce

And because PAUL HEWITT is not just about perfect technology, but also about optimal usability and the user experience, we have not only radically overhauled the shop design, but we have also developed a watch configuration tool with which customers can easily and playfully create their dream PAUL HEWITT watch.

The Instagram shop Squarelovin was firmly implemented into the site to make the user-generated content of PAUL HEWITT’S huge social media fan base visible in real time.

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conversion rate increase


online stores across the globe


  • B2C and B2B shop
  • Responsive design
  • Simple and intuitive operation on all end devices
  • Increase in the conversion rate by up to 25% on all end devices
  • 26 subshops and shops in different countries
  • 600 products (without variants)
  • Integration of an Instagram shop with Squarelovin


Director Web3 & Partner

Jan Gutkuhn

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