School year scaries? Not with DoorDash

DoorDash was trying to combat the notion that they are only a food delivery service. They were aiming to spread awareness and encourage consumers to explore their broader retail and grocery offerings around the Back to School (BTS) season.

Curating the chaos of back-to-school

DEPT® was tasked with creating an immersive, engaging social media campaign to promote DoorDash’s BTS hub and help make it the ultimate, all-in-one tool for Back to School. 

From parent parodies to bizarre college skits, we enlisted creators and influencers to keep DoorDash top-of-mind for BTS and college shoppers. Our creative concepts leaned into the “BTS scaries” theme and gave off the feeling of dread/anxiety mixed with humor.

We worked with skit creators like Zachariah Drake Porter and Terrell and Jarius to reminisce on their BTS shopping scrambles, but this time avoiding the chaos with DoorDash. We also partnered with popular internet moms like Caitlin Murray (@bigtimeadulting) and Chancé (@hindirlanefamily) to encourage consumers to let DoorDash handle lunchboxes this semester. And Gen Z Creators introduced College Students to DashPass through the most unhinged college predicaments that brought the scaries to life.

We also created short form-videos where ordinary TikToks/Reels are plagued by BTS, including capturing the irreverent tension of “is it cake” to poke fun at the fear of not being prepared for BTS through a nightmare sequence …with plenty of cake.

We curated illustrated guides on how DoorDash can save you from the scaries, guiding audiences through chaotic BTS flowcharts where all answers pointed to DoorDash. Finally, we developed a TikTok Gaming Lens to help prepare for the upcoming school season and expanded the reach of the lens by enlisting the creators we had already used for other portions of the campaign.

A+ ads, A+ results

We were able to activate media with 27 unique ads across two platforms, Meta and TikTok, as well as test two new platforms for DoorDash (Snapchat and Pinterest) to reach millions of consumers. The campaign generated 379 million impressions, 1.32 million engagements, 764,000 link clicks and 127,000 views of the BTS Hub landing page. 


Group Account Director

Calli Goldstein

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