My CP Guide – Understanding cerebral palsy across all stages of life

Find out how My CP Guide is helping Australians live their best life with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. Here’s how we used technology to help people in Australia through their journey!

Accurate information is key

The problem is finding the right information at the right time for everyone involved in the cerebral palsy journey including parents, people with cerebral palsy, and carers.

To address this significant cerebral palsy information gap, an important collaboration emerged to promote inclusion and disability awareness in the healthcare sector. Prior to this effort, individuals and caregivers living with cerebral palsy lacked an easily accessible and up-to-date information platform. Hence, to fulfil this need the leading cerebral palsy organisations united and partnered with Two Bulls/DEPT® to create My CP Guide; a comprehensive digital solution to address the informational disparities faced by those living with cerebral palsy.

Easily accessible for different people

The web platform addresses the need for timely and reliable information throughout the different life stages of the journey from those caring for infants and to those who have been diagnosed. Cerebral palsy, being a complex neurological condition, presents unique challenges that require specialised and accessible content to aid in the navigation of life with this condition. Hence, the division of resources into different life stages so users can access accurate information that best suits their needs.

My CP Guide provides streamlined pathways to content that is WCAG AA Accredited. For individuals with cerebral palsy, navigating the digital landscape can be particularly challenging due to motor, sensory, and cognitive impairments. With WCAG AA Accreditation, My CP Guide takes proactive measures to ensure that its content is optimised for screen readers, supports keyboard navigation, provides clear and consistent headings, and incorporates alternative text for images, among other accessibility features. This enables users with cerebral palsy to access and comprehend the information effortlessly, promoting independence and inclusion in their online experience.

Supporting the cerebral palsy community

My CP Guide will continue to provide a single place of information resources to address significant cerebral palsy information and is a platform where personal stories and content from parents, people with cerebral palsy and carers can be shared with the community. With the continuous growth of knowledge there is potential to also bolster resources for other life stages and especially for those people in the older demographic on the web platform.

Here to help!

  • A study from 2022 found 88% of people that were surveyed experienced an increase in knowledge as a result of accessing various resources from My CP Guide.
  • ‍The organisation of resources into life stages has been very well received from users and is helping thousands every single day.
  • Firmly embedded with core content for people aged 0-99 years old.
  • 675 unique information resources have been uploaded and is continuously growing.

My CP Guide provides a wealth of information in an easy-to-use format. It has been invaluable for helping our family identify and navigate support and services for our daughter. I wish I had My CP Guide when she was first diagnose.

Kelly, Parent of 6 year old Agnes