Heavy on craft, light on the trail. Launch campaign for Lapierre’s latest eZesty eMTB

Lapierre is a premium French cycling brand that merges design and performance. DEPT® has been their lead comms agency since 2019, developing launch campaigns for most of their top tier models.

Launching the latest eZesty

This year, Lapierre launched a completely new version of their successful eZesty electric mountain bike (eMTB), which stands out as a lightweight within the category. Featuring an impressively lightweight frame, an innovative new chassis featuring cutting-edge technologies, and a new drive unit and battery extended range. As Lapierre’s lead comms agency, DEPT® were tasked to develop and produce a launch campaign for the eZesty.

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Reclaim inventor status

Lapierre initially created the category of “light assist eMTBs”. None of the bulkiness of a “normal” eMTB, and all of the fun of light support, unlocking new adventures on the trail. An idea that caught on within the eMTB world: most brands have introduced their own light assist models. Time for Lapierre as inventor of the category to again “Light the trail” and bring disruption within the category with the latest eZesty.

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Crafting disruption

We had two objectives: one, to bring disruption into the light eMTB category, reclaiming Lapierre’s place as its inventor. And two, to honor the craft of Lapierre which started with Gaston Lapierre in 1946. To achieve this, we partnered with creative mixed media craftspeople Mana, from Paris.

They used sketches of the bike’s frame, handwritten notes, and outlines on a topographical map, to bring to life the idea of craftsmanship. The use of mixed media put emphasis on the performance and engineering of the Lapierre eZesty: all titles and other visual attributes were cut, pasted, calligraphed and torn by hand, and were then layered on top of the striking shots of the eZesty in its element, the mountains.

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Organic succes

Without any media spend, the campaign film got over 130.000 views on YouTube in under two weeks, plus a lot of love from the cycling community. Making it the most successful Lapierre campaign to date.