Dossy – A simple video app for meaningful connections.

We believe that Dossy has the potential to create a significant and positive impact on the lives of older adults, the aged care industry, and the environment.

Aging adults may experience a variety of life changes, such as the loss of friends and family members, retirement, and physical limitations which can lead to social isolation and loneliness. Here’s how we used technology to bridge the gap and reduce social isolation among elderly individuals.

All-in-one solution

The risk of social isolation and loneliness as we age is increasing, and solutions are scarce. Tech start-up,, reached out to Two Bulls/DEPT® to create an inclusive video-calling app to change that. We pioneered the use of technology to focus on developing and designing an accessible and all-in-one solution to empower seniors to achieve face-to-face communication effortlessly to stay connected with their families, friends, and a wonderful community of virtual volunteers for meaningful conversations through simplified and secure video calls. is a lifeline to social connection and a sense of belonging that can significantly improve mental health and overall quality of life for the often underrepresented group of older adults.

Accessible and easy no matter what age!

Dossy’s mission is to ensure that every older adult has the opportunity to connect with their loved ones, regardless of their financial situation or technological expertise.The Two Bulls./DEPT® team and Dossy set to work on producing an accessible design that provides people with low vision, low tech and hearing impaired users an easy experience and a community of volunteers to . Additional support was integrated with hearing aid connect, guided access, optimised sound and larger fonts. Over and above that, the app utilises a unique approach of using advanced algorithms to match volunteers based on availability, language, and common interests to ensure an engaging and personalised video-calling experience for our users. By creating a sense of community and providing a group of volunteers for each client, we ensure that our users always have someone to connect with.

Combating social isolation and loneliness

Dossy is not just empowering aged care providers to comply with national healthcare social connection goals and track progress towards reducing social isolation and loneliness among their clients, but it also has the potential to reduce the risk of cognitive decline among older adults. However, the apps impact extends beyond social connection and loneliness, the intuitive video-calling app is committed to creating a world where older adults feel valued and connected. This sense of belongingness can significantly improve mental health and overall quality of life for older adults.

The result

💡The app is changing the way residents in aged care and those living alone connect with their families, friends, carers and community by fostering meaningful virtual connections.

💡Iterative co-design improvements have resulted in a 300% increase in user confidence scores.

💡 Dossy is a safe and empowering solution for older adults to navigate the digital world with confidence thanks to the implementation of a robust remote mobile device management system that protect user’s digital experiences.

Imagine a world where everyone can confidently use video to connect – regardless of age, ability or digital literacy. Dossy is an app that empowers older adults to connect in a digital world through simple video tech that follows accessible design principles.

Kristen Graham, Founder and CEO