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DEPT® Apparel reinvents online retail by merging shopping with storytelling. Each unique piece of clothing on the website carries its cultural narrative, offering users not just a product but an immersive, story-driven journey. The DEPT® Apparel experience transforms traditional retail into a delightful adventure, combining the thrill of discovery with shopping convenience, making every customer journey memorable. Explore the website.

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DEPT APPAREL offers a distinct digital retail adventure, transitioning from the standard online shopping into an immersive, narrative-driven experience.

The digital retail platform combines rich storytelling with a simple interface, resulting in an exciting, yet straightforward, user experience.

The shopping experience successfully cultivates an engaging retail journey by welcoming users to explore, discover and ultimately purchase products with ease.

A digital boutique

What’s so special about DEPT APPAREL is how it kind of speaks without saying anything – it’s our way of bringing people together, kind of like a bridge between the digital and real worlds. It started with just a few pieces made from deadstock, but now it’s grown into its own independent brand. It’s not just clothes; it’s about feeling like you’re part of something bigger, a way to show who we are at DEPT. Every item tells a story that resonates with our community.

It’s easy to use, looks great

Our designers really put their hearts into making it. They could do whatever they wanted, making it their own KPI-free playground. This resulted in more than just an online store; it’s like a digital window into what we’re all about. It’s easy to use, looks great, and every little detail on the site tells you something about us.

Tech with a perfect fit

But what makes this website so unique? It’s the seamless integration of branding and commerce in our new digital store. To kindle the spirit of our brand, we’ve infused the site with branded content and animations that resonate with our audience. The ease of navigating this digital experience is unparalleled, ensuring that every visit is as enjoyable as it is effortless. With every interaction, we’ve taken the opportunity to subtly uplift the DEPT APPAREL brand, integrating it into every aspect of the site. Our coherent digital design language fosters a branded commerce experience, inviting intuitive and fresh exploration and shopping. The content-driven interface is designed with modern shopping trends in mind, making it a relevant and engaging space for our community.

What started as merchandise for the agency has evolved into so
much more. Today we’re an independent label with our own voice. With cues and inspiration rooted in tech.

Manuel Di Tolve, Creative Director

Our people fuel our growth

Unifying Talent, Inspiring Collaboration, Delighting Clients. And the results are clear. From our people and culture survey, we see time and time again that DEPT APPAREL is recognised as something loved by new and old talent alike. It’s because of our people that we can keep going.

And the results are clear. From our people and culture survey, we see time and time again that DEPT APPAREL is cherished by both new and existing talent. It is our people who fuel our growth. They invest in us so we can continue to grow. Even clients are eager to be part of our community – we worked with eBay, CashApp, Smart, Google, and more.



Strategy Director

Danijel Bonacic

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