Bol – When I grow up…
Video Ad Shortform

Did you know toys have a 30% influence on kids’ future dreams?

Each holiday season Dutch online store Bol helps kids (and parents) to find the toys they wish for with the ‘Wishlist poster’. We realized that each poster tells a bigger story; about a child’s dreams and aspirations for their future.

With that insight we created the most recognised holiday film of the Netherlands and Belgium.

A film that turned heads, and won hearts

The campaign film told a story about a girl called Eva, who had the biggest dream ever (as we find out from her poster). She wanted to become Sinterklaas (The Dutch Santa) him.. no herself.

What made this film a succes?

The campaign broke a major expectation with the audience. Sinterklaas – a traditionally male character was now suddenly played by a little girl. In our narrative Eva was as determined as possible to take over the old man’s job. That determination was essential to convey the message and the importance of what the Wish List Poster means to children.

That idea combined with the cuteness our lead actress brought to the film struck an emotional chord with parents all over the Netherlands and Belgium and made the campaign a number one hit among everyone.

Understanding the Sinterklaas Tradition

Sinterklaas (The Dutch Santa Claus) is the biggest Dutch holiday tradition where parents…ahum.. we mean Sinterklaas… surprises children with gifts – mostly toys – for an entire month. To make this tradition more fun for the kids, and easier for the parents,  Dutch online retailer Bol launched a beautiful toy-book. The aptly named “Big Toy-Book” is delivered to practically every household in the Netherlands and Belgium around mid October, right on time for the holiday season. Once the book is there, every kid immediately pulls out  the attached “Wishlist Poster”  after which the making of wish lists can begin.