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At Dept, we continuously make and deliver sites, apps and campaigns. But where the go-live of such a project is often the end; for us, it’s the beginning. How do users interact with it? How can we further improve? How do we make sure the continuous development isn’t based on gut feeling but data-driven, and we test, learn and adjust accordingly? Build, Measure, Learn!

As a web analyst/CRO specialist, we will teach you how to:

  • Analyse user behaviour, primarily in Google analytics and user feedback tools like Hotjar, and even ranging to user testing real people. So you can answer the “what” and the “why.”
  • Evaluate UX or concepts from a conversion perspective from advice (or better said, many of them) based on your research, and to evaluate what just to fix, and what to test.
  • Set up a test plan, run and evaluate A/B tests
  • Grow from optimisation to segmentation or even personalisation

In and after this traineeship, you will work closely together with our other data disciplines, like the Analytics team, providing you with the data to analyse, but also marketing disciplines like SEO who also optimise platforms, Paid marketing for campaign, UX/design for concept improvements and finally Front end development for AB setups.

This 7-month traineeship starts on February 1, and our goal is to prepare you for the next step as a consultant in our Insights team, helping our clients increase their conversion every month a little more!

The program consists of 4 parts:

  • Theory: under the guidance of our experts, you will learn all you need to know.
  • Self-study, lectures and cases by our experts, tagging along with one of the existing team members.
  • Participating in practice: Step by step, we involve you in current projects, and your role in them will become more and more important. Think of an intake with the customer, contributing to the larger analysis, performing user research or working on your CRO roasts, setting up A/B test and writing optimisation advice for concept & development teams.
  • Own projects: With all the theoretical knowledge and your practical experience gained in the meantime, you will get a few of your projects. Instead of you watching with us, we watch with you until you have everything under control.

Ready? Steady? Go!

We are a young company, and the brightest minds work every day for a wide range of customers, ranging from retail to corporate, B2B and B2C such as Rituals, Philips, Omoda, Plieger. We prefer to have the most talented experts on board, but we are also looking for the perfect Dept fit. Someone who is not afraid to learn, inspire and strive for a better world. Someone who looks ahead, who dares to take the stage, and who toasts a successful week with us on Friday afternoon.

We strongly support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Ultimately, we are looking for a unique individual who can strengthen our collective.


  • Graduated from an HBO/WO education, preferably Marketing or Business related
  • Are analytical, independent, flexible and have an affinity with marketing and technology;
  • Are a Data enthusiast, an analyst; you want to make things better and never make assumptions. Your statements are founded in data and research.
  • Have experience with web analytics platforms is an advantage (e.g. Google Analytics);
  • Are self-taught and able to come up with solutions independently;
  • Are enterprising, and you like to spar with colleagues and customers to make sure you get better at your work and your solutions.


  • An open culture;
  • A competitive traineeship salary,
  • An NS Business Card;
  • A laptop and a phone;
  • A great chance of a job as a Junior Consultant after your traineeship;
  • The opportunity to develop and grow into a true professional;
  • Intensive guidance and full membership to the team;
  • Tasty and healthy food;
  • A dazzling Friday afternoon snack and legendary team outings;
  • A boot camp that costs nothing.


Hi, we are Dept – an international agency with the most experienced thinkers & doers. One agency where creativity, technology and data come together. We help reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences people want, and organisations need.

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