A fusion of disciplines in a collaboration between DEPT® and the Mauritshuis

Over the past few years, DEPT® has teamed up with Mauitshuis to build an impactful experience that provides a personalised experience for all audiences. Top minds in data, technology and creativity came together to develop a new website and app that made personalisation and perspective a priority. With a holistic approach, combining marketing, creativity, development and design, we created a renewed corporate identity in 2022 and developed ‘It’s happening in The Hague,’ a 360° campaign.

The collaborative work was a combined effort across various disciplines and earned several awards in recent years, including Best Art Website at the Lovie Awards, Emerce Website of the Year (UX), Dutch Creativity Awards (Digital Craft) and Umbraco Awards (Gold Partner Solution).

Visual design

The main goal of this project was to build an inclusive tour that was accessible for everyone. The corporate identity combined with animations and interactions that bring users on a personal journey through the world of art bring the website to life. The technical capabilities of this immersive experience create different perspectives, enabling a unique level of personalisation that opens the Mauritshuis to audiences that may have never had access in the traditional sense.


We built a powerful technical setup that helped us make about a thousand works of art available on the Mauritshuis platform. To add structure, we integrated the pieces into a content pyramid, divided into collection, context, and perspective layers. This allows the Mauritshuis to play with the amount of content offered and adds depth to the way it is experienced.

The CMS system, Umbraco, gave Mauritshuis the freedom to manage and design content for the website and app while the Adlib collection management system made it possible to display the current collection on the website. Even though our development team was spread across several locations, they conquered the challenge of combining all of the elements and enjoyed working so closely with such a great client.


We created a museum for all with a festive campaign to celebrate the Mauritshuis’ 200th anniversary. On all levels, it became a more inclusive museum. Think street art aimed at specific target groups, exhibitions with universal themes and a wide range of artists, writers and painters. Through radio, TV and online videos, the public was introduced to the Mauritshuis’ new mission, complete with colourful designs for billboards and displays and a voice-over by the real Hagenees himself, Sjaak Bral. This 360° campaign proved the Maurithuis to be the ultimate cultural hotspot.


To reach the right audience, generate website traffic and boost ticket sales, we devised a multichannel media strategy, combining digital and traditional channels such as TV, radio, outdoor advertising and social ads. The campaign caught on and that translated into great results. Ultimately, we managed to inspire people from all over the world to appreciate and embrace art and culture.

Working at DEPT®

The Mauritshuis is just one example of how we do our work, but perfectly demonstrates our cross-craft set of skills across the various departments. All disciplines work together seamlessly and the right people are in the right place with the right attitudes. At DEPT®, we have a culture that allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. This is how we pioneer. Are you ready to pioneer?

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