Tiger of Sweden

Taking forward a leading luxury brand

Tiger of Sweden is one of the IC Group’s premium brands and the Swedish label for luxury women’s and men’s clothing. In order to be able to manage the online shop self-sufficiently in the future, DEPT® placed the label’s shop on the e-commerce platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud back in 2015. But that was just the beginning. Tiger of Sweden decided to redesign the online shop and link the physical stores to the online channel in order to create a seamless, cross-channel shopping experience, stronger international brand orientation, and generate increased in-store sales.

New design for the online channel

In August 2018, Tiger of Sweden relaunched its online shop with a new look. The shop encapsulated the new visual identity of the Swedish fashion house, which thematically reflects both its past and its future. In addition to the visual updates, the shop also offers more brand content than before. Fashion-conscious customers can now find out all they need to know about the brand and the history of the current collection through the Stories and Collection Pages section. What is more, DEPT® experts have optimised navigation and product presentation on the details pages. In order to reduce bounce rates and to carry out the ordering process faster and in a more targeted manner, the shop continues to rely on a one-page checkout.

Digital store solution enables the endless shelf

Shopping in the cloud

The inspiration for the digitalisation of the stores came from the flagship store at Copenhagen airport. This site offers major potential, but customers are slightly reluctant to pass through customs and shop because they don’t want to have to carry too much extra luggage.

Endless aisles

In order to increase the number of sales in the flagship stores, Tiger of Sweden decided to implement the Digital Store Solution. This tablet app extends the performance of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to the physical store. Customers can now choose from the entire range of stock in-store and online at the branch and have the purchased goods delivered to the store, their home or travel destination.

More features

To simplify order management, DEPT® has implemented a specially developed OMS module into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. In addition, a plug-in has been implemented to support returns management and CRM and PIM systems have been integrated.

At a glance

All adjustments associated with the relaunch are available on a global level

  • in 14 countries,
  • 6 currencies
  • and 5 languages



Martin Kainzbauer

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