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In the fast-paced world of marketing, consumer expectations are rising. More than ever, they want personalised experiences and offers.

DEPT®/Lifecycle Marketing is an expert team dedicated to creating exceptional experiences at scale, powered by alliances with best-in-class technical partners and proprietary technology.

Creating experiences at scale

Retaining existing customers is crucial for growth, and far more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. But it can be challenging to manage multiple channels and touchpoints to keep customers engaged and loyal in a privacy-by-default world.

Brands that meet consumer expectations with personalised customer experiences can expect increased revenue and continued brand loyalty.
Based on our 20+ years of experience working with global companies, we encourage brands to take an ‘always on’ approach to marketing automation, helping them build relationships through a series of integrated communications across multiple channels.

Marketing automation is all about extending customer lifetime value through relevant, timely and personalised communications across numerous channels. Each communication is a component part of a larger vision that builds and contributes to the broader strategic goals of your business and helps to build relationships with your customers at every stage in their journey.

But in today’s digital reality, it’s incredibly difficult to deliver effective, multi-channel retention and loyalty programs like this. That’s where it can be helpful to work with a specialised marketing automation agency like DEPT®.

Our expertise

Our marketing automation team is here to help you to establish profitable, personal, and long-lasting relationships with your customers, both now and in the future.

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Lifecycle Strategy

Elevate your marketing automation strategy with a well-crafted game plan that includes lead generation, customer journey mapping, creative and content strategy, measurement, market insights, and loyalty concepts.

(Email) Campaign Management

We help turn ideas into impactful campaigns through campaign development, journey creation, segmentation, day-to-day operations programs. We then use reporting and optimisation to continuously adapt and evolve.

Tech & Data

To personalise at scale, you’ve got to know your customer. And to amplify your impact, you’ve got to innovate with top-tier tech. DEPT® specialises in both tech and data, allowing you to integrate, analyse, and implement the latest solutions.

Creative Content

Compelling content lives at the heart of the customer journey. With DEPT® creative content, we strategise around your user’s journey, test, iterate, and automate. We believe in blending creativity with content at scale.

Our clients

We work with some of the world’s biggest brands to strategise and deliver marketing automation wins.

Approach to lifecycle marketing

We take a three-pronged approach to lifecycle marketing, that unites your unique customer, technology, and data.

01 Understand your customer
It all starts with your customers–understanding their needs, wants, pain points, and purchase patterns. With evolving business intelligence, we paint a clear picture of your customers, working with data and AI to understand the nuance between seemingly similar segments.

02 Automation
Efficiency is table stakes. We approach automation via Creative Automation, which improves innovation, personalisation, and value-driven campaigns, but at scale. Creative automation helps your brand tell a piece of its story and reach audiences when it is most impactful.

03 The right foundation
The foundation of hyper-personalisation lies in the right martech, data collection, AI, and analysis. We partner with all of the leading marketing automation platforms, have a dedicated data practice, and are paving the way for brands to leverage AI.

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