DEPT®/Creative Automation Practice

More connection, personalisation, and 
power to create at scale

The future of digital marketing

Brands are communicating with ever-growing audiences across an array of channels. These audiences are looking for more personalised experiences, and brands need to make meaningful, one-to-one connections with them.

To achieve this goal, a new approach to digital marketing is needed. An approach that combines narrow targeting, experimentation, and creative relevance to drive engagement, loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

DEPT®/Creative Automation Practice produces repeatable, multilingual, cross-channel campaigns and experimentation at scale.

We combine the very best of our creative, growth, and engineering capabilities to improve the quality, efficacy, and speed-to-market of our client’s campaigns.

Optimise your production

1. Testing & Experimentation

2. Bespoke Solutions

3. Speed to Market

4. Virtual Stores

Creative automation

Our clients

We are pioneering creative automation with a range of global brands

Deliver high-quality content

1. Dynamic Creative

2. Invisible Technologies

3. Personalisation at Scale

Lightspeed by ADA

ADA/DEPT® is our marketing technology platform designed to help brands build and accelerate their digital businesses.

Creativity, technology, data, and people are the foundations of digital success. ADA/DEPT® combines all four elements with proprietary technology and third-party integrations that serve thousands of campaigns today.

Lightspeed by ADA is our suite of tools that enables the benefits of creative automation, including:

  • Content at scale
  • Dynamic creative
  • Conversational marketing
  • Efficient workflow management

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