DEPT®/DATA is a team of 250+ experts leveraging data, analytics and AI to help brands make smarter decisions and create personalised customer experiences that drive results. We can help you extract value from your data throughout the entire customer journey.

Future-proof your data strategy

Today’s digital economy is creating greater volumes of data from more sources than ever before. But with this sheer amount of data comes the challenge of managing it effectively while creating business value.

Businesses find themselves struggling to centralise data from hundreds of sources in a consistent and privacy-first manner, missing actionable sales and marketing insights in real-time, and unable to utilise AI and machine learning to harness the full potential of demand generation and loyalty marketing.

In a world where data is a brand’s biggest differentiator, our 250+ analytics consultants, engineers, scientists and AI specialists can help you see patterns and opportunity where others can’t. We’ve worked with clients across industries to future proof their data strategy and put data-driven decision making at the core of their business.

Our end-to-end, integrated Data, Analytics & AI services

Our team of software engineers, analysts, data scientists, and consultants enables organisations to extract value across the full lifecycle of big data, from foundational data warehousing and business intelligence to advanced machine learning and AI.

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Data Strategy

From our experience with working with some of the world’s largest organisations, we know that a smart data strategy is not only a matter of compliance. Data can help you to make the right decision and futureproof your data strategy.

Data Platform

We can build your technical backbone for stability and growth. In as little as three months, we can build you a dashboard, data warehouse, and an analytics team. We can also build you software applications to automate and collect data across your enterprise.

Analytics & business Intelligence

Collecting, interpreting and translating data into useful insights is something we do every day. Our data and intelligence experts will set up your platforms, collect and integrate your data, and extract actionable insights. Plus, we use advanced analytics techniques to make fact-based predictions that will help you meet customer needs and enhance your brand perception.

Data-driven marketing & personalised experiences

Optimise your marketing with data and AI. Our team of data scientists and analysts use data and segmentation strategies to drive decision making and effective, personalised brand experiences. With a deep understanding of your audiences and consumer behavior, we’ll build, segment, and target your marketing campaigns more accurately through incrementality testing, driving increased conversion rates and higher revenues while reducing ad waste.

Our clients

We have delivered personalised experiences and growth for clients across almost every industry.

Our approach

With over 20 years of experience,  our end-to-end approach supports some of the biggest brands in the world to conquer business challenges and develop their data maturity in three stages:

Build Trust
Our data engineers design, build, and maintain your data infrastructure, ensuring that data is stored securely, backed up, and accessible to the full organisation.

Uncover Insights
Our data analysts enable real-time data processing, providing essential data and tools for marketing and business analytics, supported by clear reporting and visualisation.

Activate Opportunities
With data and AI at our core, we collaborate with our experts in experience, media, and creativity to develop applications and experiences that create new business opportunities and value.

Our partners

We can help you to navigate the full tech ecosystem thanks to strong partnerships that span major platform providers and data tools.

Our proprietary tech empowers you to automate and move faster

ADA/DEPT® is our next-generation proprietary martech platform with 100+ solutions. A place where we automate manual work, combine data sources for better decision making, and use AI to make campaigns smarter and faster. Powered by a 1,750 strong team of engineers.

01 The Greenhouse AI Accelerator
The Greenhouse is focused on making the transformational potential of AI available to all of our internal teams and our clients.The Greenhouse provides the building blocks for large language model (LLM) powered websites and allows us to customise models with enterprise data in weeks instead of months.

02 AI Hub
The AI Hub is a toolbox for many AI-enabled solutions developed for workflow automation and optimisation to deliver the top-notch quality work. Applications range from a GPT-powered content generator, our Nielsen predictive intelligence software for next-best actions and marketing mix modeling (MMM) and marketing attribution (MTA) models.

03 ADA/Engineering
We have a wide variety of Engineering skills in all geographies to support tech and platform builds, as well as smart AI, media automation and CX solutions. We implement data warehouses with Snowflake, DBT and Databricks and build tailor made customer data platforms on top of Google Cloud, Azure or AWS.

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