Artificial Intelligence

Powered by a multidisciplinary team of 400+ creatives and engineers, DEPT®/AI is your implementation partner, building custom pre-trained models, empowering data science teams, and integrating AI into pioneering creative and product experiences.

Our dedicated practice accelerates the adoption of AI, offering solutions including generative AI and content generation at scale, all while ensuring it’s done in an ethical and progressive way.

AI Pioneers

We believe that AI will accelerate our clients’ businesses and transform our own, driving revenue growth, and positively enhancing the day-to-day work of our teams.


We predict that 80% of what we do as a full-service marketing and technology services provider will have an AI helper to make us faster and better. Some disciplines will make intense use of it, while some will be more light touch, but the overall adoption will have far-reaching, positive outcomes. We are dedicated to maximising the opportunities of AI for the benefit of our clients, delivering cost-effective solutions while maintaining our culture of pioneering experimentation.


Capitalising on the opportunities of AI implementation comes with complexity. Organisations are facing tricky questions on design, tech, ethics, security, law, operations, workflow, and culture. DEPT®/AI can help businesses to simplify and navigate their AI journey with our ethical and progressive turnkey solutions in growth and engineering, and by enabling more pioneering creative work with AI.


AI will undoubtedly disrupt and transform our industry, and our team is at the forefront of that change. In addition to our 400+ AI experts, we are empowering all of our teams to maximise the benefits of AI by embedding it into our workflows to ensure we’re always staying ahead for our clients.

Ada by DEPT®

20% of the tools in our proprietary tech platform, Ada by DEPT®, are powered by AI, including tools for SEO, anomaly detection, SEA ad copy generation, CRO roast automation, content generation for Amazon, and SEO trends monitoring. GPT-3 has been powering many of these tools since 2020. We’re also integrating generative AI tools into Lightspeed, our proprietary tool for creating assets at scale.

Our clients

For over a decade, DEPT® has been exploring how AI can solve complex challenges,  unleash creativity and increase productivity for clients across the globe.


Our approach

AI is integrated across all of our services, which we simplify into Building, Running, and Using. 

Our engineering teams have deep expertise across both Machine Learning (ML) operations and data science, enabling them to build solutions that solve complex challenges. From personalisation capabilities to predictive insights and content generation, AI accelerates the capabilities of our engineering solutions. 

From deploying models into production, through to audience management and multivariate experimentation, AI drives efficiency and accuracy.

GPT chatbots, AR, and content generation at scale are a few ways we use AI to exceed consumer expectations and deliver digital solutions that elevate the customer experience.


We developed AI powered recommendation systems to realise personalisation at scale at JET, Rituals, Philips and many others.

Spend management

MMM and MTA econometrics models are developed to better understand which channels and campaigns drive growth for several clients.

Value based bidding

We leverage 360 customer data to fuel marketing platforms with the predicted profit of transactions (incorporating return probability etc) at Sunweb, Randstad and many others.

Predictive insights & alerting

Ada developed an alerting system that empowers teams with predictive insights & alerts about the accounts they manage.

Content generation

The SEO content generation tool available in ADA is powered by GPT-3.

Search and Discoverability

Provide users with faster and more accurate access to information.

Custom NLP Applications

Building tools for sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, text classification and text generation.

ML Ops

Ensuring machine learning models work well and continue to work well over time

Feature engineering and storage

Creating and transforming input data into a form that can be fed into an ML model

Audience management and multivariate experimentation

Manage and segment audience groups for marketing and advertising purposes

Batch and realtime inference systems

Deploying machine learning models

Synthetic labelling using LLMs

Generating synthetic labels for training machine learning models using natural language processing (NLP) techniques

GPT chatbots

We use pre-trained GPT chatbots to create custom conversational AI


Collaborating with tech companies on creative applications of new AI hardware and software

Creative applications

Incorporating pre-existing models and tools into applications like games, apps and website

Content generation

Creating text, audio, video and 3D assets


Using MV and generative AI to create AR experiences

Our partners & technologies

Together with our trusted partners and by using future-forward technologies, we push the boundaries of what is possible with AI, to create pioneering solutions for our clients.



We’re in the process of establishing a digital ethics board to help us ensure that our ethical approach to AI is aligned with our values. This board will be instrumental in developing a set of principles that guide the evolution of DEPT®/AI with the right values at its core.

AI will offer the world new possibilities and potential. We adopt, build, and train AI to expand our services and business offering while accelerating our processes across technology and marketing.

AI allows our team to dimensionalise our ideas and thinking faster to make quicker and better decisions.

AI offers us data and intelligence for making better decisions for our clients, applying insights and learnings to solve our clients’ unique problems.

For any job role that is replaced by AI, we will do our best to offer training and skills development in an effort to retain employment.


Let’s work together. We’d love to help you in all things AI.

We understand these are uncharted territories. We partner with our clients to learn what works and what doesn’t. Reach out, we’d love to connect, consult, and share our insights and expertise regarding your questions about your future with AI.

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