Social media

In a world connected by social media, platforms provide unmissable opportunities for brands to reach and engage consumers in a fluid, fun and meaningful way. Making social media one of the most powerful tools in a business’ marketing armoury. When executed effectively, its value is multi-purpose, extending from brand storytelling to digital commerce. 

Brands that get creative with social media marketing strategy create memorable experiences that not only drive engagement, increase conversion rates and lower acquisition costs, but also fulfil a long-term strategy of building brand loyalty.

Social media marketing services

Social media is a crowded place. Think Oxford Street in London during peak shopping season but in a much faster-moving, virtual context. 

For brands to stand out the way they want to, they’ll first need a solid social media strategy. 

At DEPT®, we look at social media through a strategic lens, working with brands to understand KPIs and define its role in their marketing mix. Then, we develop operational frameworks, defining relevant content pillars and harmonising paid media with organic channels to reach your target audience and drive results against your business’ priorities. 

Our campaign ideas are rooted in insight and brought to life by blending technology and creativity. And the authentic and interactive social media experiences we create reel people in to engage and share. 

Take our collaboration with ASOS as an example, where our TikTok campaign gained over 1.2 billion video views in just six days, with 488,000 videos created and 167,000 users taking part.

Social media management services

Once your strategy has been defined, it’s time to deliver it. With such a broad range of social management services, DEPT® knows and implements the best team structures to deliver against client objectives.

Our team of content creators (including creatives, motion designers and producers) develop thousands of pieces of content for brands every month, building monthly and quarterly calendars that align with agreed content pillars and drive results. 

Meanwhile community managers help to post, schedule and react to content. We hire people who are experts in galvanising niche communities to become the eyes and ears for your brand; participating in discussions, being reactive to trends and culture, and creating quick content to monopolise on zeitgeist moments. We understand the communities on social platforms and how to engage with them in authentic and compelling ways, working with influencers, creators and artists.

All of this is underpinned by solid reporting processes. We create dashboards that enable brands to see social media data in real time that aligns to the set objectives and KPIs and assist us in further optimising our approach to maximise results. 

Our extensive social media management services help grow your footprint on new platforms, innovate with new technologies or deliver an always-on cross-channel social strategy at scale. Like for eBay, who we partner with to conceive, create, and consistently deliver transformational digital campaigns across Europe, North America, and Australia. 

Why DEPT®?

DEPT® helps brands stay ahead. Born in social infancy, we’re platform experts. Not only do we utilise social media platforms for our global client base, but many of them are also our clients – including TikTok, Snapchat, Google, Pinterest and Facebook. 

These relationships power our team with exclusive insights and early access to betas, giving us a gateway to experiment before the mass market can. Leaning into platform innovation, we help brands stay ahead of the curve, which makes us the optimum social media marketing agency.

Our team knows the best formats for different campaign objectives and how to marry creative and media to deliver market-leading, branded social media experiences that drive results. 

If you’re looking for an agency partner to deliver creative and impactful social media marketing strategy and management, we’re here to help. 

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