In an era marked by profound transformations within the manufacturing industry, it’s time to shift from a product-first to a customer-first mindset.

With expertise across tech and marketing, DEPT®/MANUFACTURING can help you make the shift using tech, data, and AI.

For years, the manufacturing industry has been focused on optimising supply chains and automating production lines. But as technology advances and consumer preferences shift at an unprecedented rate, digital customer experiences have taken the spotlight.

It’s not enough to simply invest in digital channels. As the world accelerates, businesses have the opportunity to create thoughtful digital experiences with technology, data, AI, and personalisation. And while the thought of a digital transformation overhaul might be overwhelming, our experience has led us to focus on what matters most:

Invest in solid tech foundations that provide the agility required for growing businesses. The infrastructure of your digital business needs to be strategic, flexible, and agile, with the ability to scale and deploy products quickly. Your foundation will also drive cost efficiency and maximise data collection and reporting, leaving you with resources to innovate around AI.

Launch direct-to-consumer (D2C) models that help you establish direct connections with your consumers. B2B commerce experiences are now as robust and innovative as B2C. By offering a streamlined path to exploration and purchase, you can offer your consumers convenience and engagement while collecting valuable insights.

Deliver targeted, personalised engagement to increase efficiency, grow sales, and retain long-term loyalty. By leveraging data and AI, you can execute personalised content at scale, increasing engagement while decreasing costs.

Digital services for manufacturers

From engineering to personalisation, we have the team, the skills, and the experience to pioneer your business with technology and marketing


Tech & Engineering

Our global team of engineers works with leading technology platforms to architect the right tech stack for your business. Whether re-platforming, consolidating, or integrating, we can help you drive a return on investment and recognise cost and time efficiencies with your technology.

Commerce & Marketplaces

Differentiate yourself from the competition with slick self-service portals, D2C sites, and seamless commerce experiences. By partnering with top technology platforms, we help your business stay ahead. On marketplaces like Amazon, we use our vast retail media expertise to boost performance. By automating product info and optimising processes, we can help you hit your commerce goals.

Personalized ABM Strategies

Maximise your data and CRM to deliver personalised ABM strategies. Together, we can turn data into actionable insights to fuel customer satisfaction and loyalty. We integrate systems seamlessly with digital initiatives to not only attract new customers but also enrich relationships with traditional distributors and resellers. Bolstered by data and AI, effective ABM strategies ensure the right message is delivered at the right time to boost sales and nurture loyalty.

Leveraging data & ai

We help large organisations gain control over their data and use it as a competitive advantage. With creative, data, and AI capabilities, you’ll receive next-level personalisation to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Developing an open-source HVAC controls design tool 

End to end approach to digital transformation

Our end-to-end approach supports some of the biggest companies in the world, putting data-driven decision-making and digital customer experience at the centre of their operations.

System modernisation
Modernise your legacy systems with an innovation-led approach, cutting costs and preparing for future tech. With a focus on resilience, we employ tools to isolate issues in stages for minimal disruption. From unlocking APIs to integrating Gen AI and ensuring compliance, we help streamline operations, enabling faster market access and efficiently driving your business forward.

Leading customer experiences
Elevate your customer experiences by continuously updating and refining your digital strategies, integrating analytics, segmentation, and personalisation into a cohesive feedback loop. Our AI and ML-enhanced approach differentiates your brand and strengthens engagement, loyalty, and recall.

Building innovation teams & culture
Foster innovation and agility with cross-functional engineering and data teams. With the help of data and processes to drive informed decision-making and rapid execution, you can test new ideas and accelerate time to market. We have compliance and regulatory expertise to safely drive innovation.

CEAT Tyres

Building a market-leading D2C platform with Adobe Experience Manager

20+ years working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers

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