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How B2B Manufacturers can quickly launch Direct to Consumer


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The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown global industry into a state of flux. Business models are being revised, as manufacturers adapt to the current reality and seek new revenue streams.

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Launching a direct to consumer (D2C) model may have already been on your long-term roadmap, but now’s the time to bring those plans forward, and launch low risk efforts. The process needn’t be long or expensive.

In this whitepaper, we share some tips on how to launch a D2C offer quickly – whether it be setting up a seller account on Amazon, spinning up a new brand, or tackling the internal challenges around communicating with new customers. There may be options to ‘plug-in’ modules to your current tech stack, or some simple UX and search improvements you can make to aid the transition.

Download your copy now and find out how to speedily launch new revenue streams.