You want to go digital, but what is the best way to set up the team? How do you develop the talent required to manage and maintain your projects? With the right talent in short supply, developing the required capabilities in-house can take years. And then we aren’t even talking yet about the need for flexibility to scale up and down whenever necessary.

We can help you with training, hiring, developing, and retaining the right talent. We know that having one fast, agile team is helpful. But having many of them across your company, and enabling them with the right structures, processes, and culture, makes it possible for your business as a whole to move faster. At DEPT®, we have created a community of talented experts. The lessons we’ve learned and systems we’ve developed over the last 20 years are something we would love to share with you.

How can we help?

From search engine marketers and optimisers, digital media specialists, social advertisers and content marketers to strategists and data scientists. Since DEPT® arose from a network of leading digital agencies, we have specialists on every corner of the digital playground. A community which can help you build, improve and maintain the best possible team

We help you to scale up your online capabilities at short notice. To successfully pull in new talent and to train your existing team. We know when it’s time to outsource your digital work to plug skills gaps within your organisation and give you time to focus on the bigger picture.

How do we manage this? By deploying people who can start from the get-go with their digital skills and tools until the job is done. Whether you need a new digital team, miss a few key players or want to improve your existing team—we’ve got you covered.