commercetools is a headless e-commerce platform which provides the building blocks for the new, digital commerce age.

A flexible, headless commerce platform

commercetools allows brands to build and enrich their online shopping experience. In order to do so, they provide the speed and flexibility that today’s digital world demands with the use of microservices and APIs. As a commercetools partner, DEPT® is equipped to help companies implement and use this software.

commercetools is a pioneer in the field of microservices. These include all e-commerce functionalities, such as PIM, cart and order management, marketing and promotions, payments and internationalisation. A flexible and fast API connects these services to all relevant front-ends and applications such as webshops, mobile apps, voice, AR/VR applications and social networks. We have implemented this rock-solid e-commerce platform for clients including Eurail, Goudsmit Magnetics and Holland & Barrett. 

commercetools operates according to the modern MACH principle: Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.


commercetools’ functionalities are developed in a modular way in which each function can be used and developed separately.

API-first principle
More than 300 APIs unlock all kinds of functionalities one could desire. DEPT®-partners Contentful, Bloomreach and Magnolia provide default integrations for commercetools. Due to the ‘API First’ principle, commercetools works efficiently with any front-end solution.

commercetools runs entirely in the cloud, guaranteeing IT performance, scalability and security.

The focus of commercetools is on creating functional commerce building blocks for your webshop.

Compatible with ADA/DASH

commercetools is now integrated with ADA/DASH, our headless e-commerce accelerator that provides the building blocks for modern e-commerce sites. A composable approach impacts both the implementation of the front-end and influences the end-to-end process and methodology, from design through to deployment.

commercetools integrates with DASH and allows for faster development and deployment of your e-commerce store; less time is wasted on duplicative tasks and more time spent creating an exceptional experience.

The out-of-the-box design and development elements provided by DASH include the scaffolding, DevOps and infrastructure, localisation, CMS integration, product search integration, automated testing, performance and accessibility testing, documentation, and monitoring.

ADA/DASH can deliver headless e-commerce sites months faster than traditional development.

Our Clients

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else. It’s why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.


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