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A third-year update to our #goodcompany mission

Pooja Dindigal
Pooja Dindigal
Global Head of Impact
3 min read
20 April 2023

“Our #goodcompany mission began with the release of our first Impact Report in 2020, following our first Climate Neutral certification. In 2021, we released our second Impact Report, coinciding with DEPT® becoming the first global agency to achieve B Corp certification. 

Now, with this third edition of our Impact Report, we find ourselves humbled. And that’s okay.”

— Dimi Albers, Letter from the CEO

If we had to give the DEPT® 2022 Impact Report a theme, it would be incremental progress.

We’ve had some stumbles and navigated some tricky obstacles over the course of the past year. Taken together, the long and short of it is that DEPT® isn’t where we wanted to be in our progress toward achieving our #goodcompany goals.

While we don’t shy away from acknowledging this in the 2022 Impact Report, in any case I’m proud that—even though our progress isn’t where we expected—we’ve still made progress.

Here’s a snapshot of what that looks like.

Our global agency continues to get even more global. DEPT® now spans 20+ (!) countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. As of the time of our 2021 Impact Report’s release, more than 3,000 people counted themselves as Depsters. Now, we’ve surpassed 4,000!

Depsters are happier than ever. Overall employee happiness increased from 8.4 to 8.5 (on a 10-point scale) over the past year. We’re especially proud of this incremental progress given our rapid growth, because—with 4,000+ employees—there are also more Depsters than ever.

As an industry, tech is still male-dominated. But, at DEPT®, that’s changing.  The percentage of women at DEPT® increased from 46% to 49.8% over the course of the year. Additionally, the percentage of women managers and the percentage of women in leadership both increased, from 42% to 46% and 34% to 35%, respectively.

We completed a ton of awesome projects—and saw our hard work pay off. Depsters completed 6,203 projects in 2022 and overall client satisfaction increased from 8.1 to 8.3 on our 10-point scale. Our reputation for outstanding work even earned DEPT® some extra-special recognition: we were named Agency of the Year at the Lovie Awards and Agency Network of the Year at the Webby Awards!

We gave back more than ever. We’re absolutely stoked to share that, this past year, we gave back 0.96% of DEPT®’s revenue through charitable donations and pro bono work. While we’re still just a hair shy of our 1% for Good Commitment, we’re happy to celebrate a 0.29% increase from 2021.

Our carbon footprint needs some work, but we’re taking baby steps. DEPT®’s carbon footprint increased from 10,435 t/CO2 to 11,113 t/CO2. Obviously, we have plenty of work to do to meet the reduction goals we’ve set with our climate partners. At the same time, we’re hopeful that we’re heading in the right direction: our emissions per full-time employee decreased from 4.83 to 3.25 t/CO2.

Be sure to check out our full report for the full details on each of these statistics, plus DEPT®’s strategies for approaching each of our Sustainable Development Goals.

Download the DEPT® Impact Report 2022.


Global Head of Impact

Pooja Dindigal