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25+ ways to leverage ChatGPT (so far) 

Isabel Perry
Isabel Perry
VP of Emerging Tech
5 min read
18 January 2023

Can you outsource your job to ChatGPT?

Probably not. But it’s pretty darn helpful in those situations where you’re stuck staring at a blank page. 

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) tool developed by OpenAI. This tool has been trained on a massive amount of text data from the internet, allowing it to generate human-like responses to user input.

ChatGPT can be a major time-saver, especially if the content you need is relatively canned or repetitive. As a large agency, we’ve been exploring use cases and collecting all the ways our team has used ChatGPT in our workdays. 

Here is a list of just some ways you can use this new technology to be more efficient with your time. And who knows, maybe it’s good enough to where you can sign off early. 

Software development

From our experimentation, ChatGPT isn’t yet suitable for solving complex software development problems. However, it can still help. If you’re a junior developer trying to learn new skills or create simple code, you should definitely get acquainted with ChatGPT.

Here are a few examples from our engineering teams to give you some inspiration for how to get started:

  • Ticking: Wrote a ticket with acceptance criteria and added a user story in a format that can be easily imported into JIRA
  • Script creation: Wrote a script that reports a private leaderboard of the advent of code to a slack channel and then converted it to JavaScript
  • Create boilerplate code: Created boilerplate code for .NET core middleware, Created boilerplate code for a React.js project
  • Other code creation: Provided advice on C# features, including example code that can be easily altered
  • Unit test creation: Wrote unit tests based on requirements, which it was able to do successfully
  • Answer programming questions: Asked minor programming questions as part of daily workflow while coding, e.g. Can you explain case expressions in SML?
  • Edge cases creation: Came up with edge cases for a feature and it was able to provide them
  • User requests: Considered interpreting user requests for a bot used to query Umbraco websites

Sales & marketing

So much of marketing and sales content need to be original and thought-provoking, but it’s also helpful to get inspiration along the way. ChatGPT offers a great source for certain types of sales and marketing content, particularly in instances where there can be some level of repetition.

Here are a few ways that our teams have used it. 

  • Social media posts: Wrote a LinkedIn post about AI and kids, requested a description of a social post image, and included copy and hashtags for a post 
  • Marketing copy: Created variations of ad copy for a Google Search campaign 
  • Video scripts: Wrote an emotional script for a Christmas TV commercial using specific brand parameters 
  • ELi5: Shortened explanations to make them easier to understand for a blog post, refined and shortened task and technical descriptors, and generated a piece of content on a company’s budget and made it more friendly
  • Creative concepts: Quickly and easily fleshed out a creative concept for a kids’ storytelling experience involving AI
  • Proposals: Put a proposal for a potential client in a fun superhero tone, which only took a few minutes
  • Strategy documentation: Wrote a project strategy that focused on defined goals
  • RFI questions: Generated answers to RFI questions for a potential client

Instructional use

Need to create instructions for your team or a vendor? ChatGPT can whip them up in seconds. 

  • Game mechanics: Created game mechanics
  • Keyboard usage: Asked it how to type the degree symbol on a keyboard  
  • App tutorials: Wrote Google sheet formulas and implementation instructions

Internal communication

For those times you need to be direct, thorough, and share important company updates, you can use ChatGPT to build out internal communications. ChatGPT has knowledge of corporate speak and methodologies so you can generate highly specific content.  

  • Slack updates: Generated company updates for the #deptdaily slack channel
  • Internal documentation: Created the company’s playbook, vision, and standards
  • Corporate goals: Crafted goals, objectives, and OKRs for the company’s yearly vision statement
  • Onboarding: Wrote Slack bot setup instructions
  • Translations: Translated messages from our German team into other languages and it worked better than Google Translate. 

Creative, just for fun

Of course, we all wish we could write songs like Taylor Swift, even if it’s not in our job description. For those times when you’re simply not feeling the inspiration, you can turn to ChatGPT and get quality outputs, like: 

  • Limericks: Created multiple limericks based on a name, location, and interest
  • Jokes: Asked why the chicken crossed the road
  • Songs: Created song lyrics based on a colleague’s name and interests
  • Stories: Wrote Harry Potter Fan Fiction, on the latest Muggle craze: NFTs 

There are countless ways to use ChatGPT, and hopefully, the examples above have given you some inspiration to test out the tool for yourself. As a global agency, we’ve already integrated the ChatGPT tool into our Content Generator by Ada which allows quick copy creation for large-scale ad campaigns. 

As its machine learning model improves with time, we expect even more nuanced use cases to crop up, allowing all types of professionals assistance in their work days. 


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VP of Emerging Tech

Isabel Perry