Shaping a unified structure in analytics across international markets

As a global company spanning over 100 countries, Philips manages many different marketing teams, platforms, and campaigns.

DEPT® collaborated with Philips as a data partner with the mission of helping structure and centralize all marketing data into an optimized and streamlined process that supports worldwide marketing efforts. In a joint team, this brought Philips a data-driven approach across its international presence for a unified analytics set-up.

The challenge

Philips Personal Health covers a diverse portfolio of personal health devices. As an innovation leader, they operate in a fast-moving environment with many teams. 

The main challenge for Philips was to gather and analyze all digital interactions in the company globally to optimize their data analytics and provide valuable insights for stakeholders at all levels.


This is your ultimate team effort. As Philips’s global analytics implementation partner, we collaborated on realizing a greenfield Google implementation parallel to their Adobe setup. The next step was to create a micro-service-driven data-backend in the Google Cloud Platform, including a Customer Data and Machine Learning platform to build a future-proof analytics set-up.

Philips welcomed several DEPT® specialists onto their teams, jointly working on multiple applications that extracted data to provide accurate insights for their 50 e-commerce websites. 

Behavioral data was captured in Google Analytics and stored in BigQuery to be made available for data science and BI purposes. With this data architecture in place, the next step was to ensure quality and consistency for all Philips teams worldwide. To achieve this, the joint Philips x DEPT® team worked on a toolstack to support the following purposes:

  • Account creation
  • Campaign tagging taxonomy
  • A/B testing database
  • Internal (product/campaign) reporting from C-level to marketing operations
  • Custom audience manager

What I’m most proud of is that we are not just discussing deliverables in a project, but are one integrated team of people collaborating.

Michel van den Ham, Product Owner Google Analytics 360 at Philips


The partnership enabled Philips to structure its marketing data & insights worldwide. No matter the country or team, all Philips marketers now work with and benefit from the same analytics setup and taxonomy on an enormous scale, which ensures greater data collection and interactions across all digital touchpoints. 


Data & Intelligence Director

Kristoffer Hald

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