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Revitalising ROTATE: A bold e-commerce re-platforming journey

In the ever-evolving fashion world, ROTATE, a vibrant brand under the umbrella of Birger Christensen Collective (BCC), embarked on a digital transformation journey. 

Recognising the need for innovation in a rapidly changing industry, ROTATE Birger Christensen partnered with DEPT® to redefine its online identity with a dynamic commerce solution.

From stale to stylish

ROTATE Birger Christensen’s digital transformation wasn’t just a facelift but a complete shift in the brand’s digital landscape. Facing challenges with outdated hard-coded components, ROTATE Birger Christensen struggled to create a seamless online experience, hindering its ability to connect with its global audience.

Flexibility is key

The journey began with an in-depth CRO and technical/platform audits of ROTATE Birger Christensen Birger Christensen’s existing digital ecosystem. Key insights from the CRO review included:

  • Optimising the homepage structure: Recognising that users tend to only scroll a little on the homepage, we optimised the structure to help them quickly discover desired content.
  • Amplifying top banners: We emphasised the significance of language and currency banners, aiming to maximise their impact on user engagement.
  • Fine-tuning search functions: A crucial step in boosting overall conversion rates involved prioritising and optimising search functions.
  • Addressing filter glitches on the product listing page (PLP): Mobile filters were not functioning properly compared to desktop filters. Our solution involved removing infinite scrolls and relocating out-of-stock products to the bottom, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Elevating product detail pages (PDPs) for enhanced add-to-cart (ATC) rates: By addressing missing Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) on PDPs, we eliminated barriers that were preventing users from adding items to their carts. Additionally, we rectified the issue where users were redirected to the checkout page prematurely.
  • Restructuring the checkout page: Recognising that the checkout page lacked a general clear overview of the items in the cart, payment methods, and return policies, we restructured it to provide users with a more comprehensive overview.

The platform audit recommended a leap to Adobe’s e-commerce platform, Magento 2.4.4, to boost performance across their sites. Additional findings included automated deployments and transitioning catalog search to ElasticSearch.

A digital renaissance for ROTATE

The next phase involved completely redesigning ROTATE Birger Christensen’s online store, aligning it with its fun and affordable identity. ROTATE Birger Christensen offers style with fashion-forward pieces, particularly catering to international markets such as Italy and the UK. 

The brand was envisioned as non-Scandinavian, slightly edgy, but with everyday appeal. DEPT® empowered ROTATE Birger Christensen’s editors and e-commerce teams with the flexibility to craft compelling brand stories and campaigns, ensuring a seamless online experience.

Take control of ROTATE’s online presence
ROTATE Birger Christensen now boasts an independent and distinctive online store, almost free from hard-coded constraints. The e-commerce team enjoys complete content management ownership, allowing them to shape and share ROTATE Birger Christensen’s unique brand stories without dependencies on developers.

DEPT® addressed ROTATE Birger Christensen’s challenges head-on, implementing a platform that enhances flexibility, scalability, and creative autonomy. The brand is now poised to lead the future of fashion, offering a dynamic and engaging online experience to its global audience.


Product Owner in Client Services

Tobias Pors

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