Royal Copenhagen

Storytelling at the heart of the user journey

Quality, craftsmanship and royal heritage: Each hand-painted piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain is perfected by a painter who has spent four years learning the craft, and each is stamped with a crown and three small waves to signify Denmark’s main bodies of water.

Leveraging a rich brand history

Founded by the Danish Dowager Queen Juliane Marie in 1775, the quintessentially Danish brand is the epitome of premium craftsmanship, and their stores are an impressive display of exclusivity and tradition.

From the beginning, it was clear that we needed to leverage Royal Copenhagen’s rich brand heritage through storytelling. 

To keep the customer engaged with the brand’s history throughout their shopping experience, we focussed on integrating storytelling into all points of the user journey, incorporating branding and storytelling into both product list pages and product detail pages. This micro content approach enabled os to blend branding and ecommerce seamlessly together and avoid the risk of losing a sale by diverting the user from their shopping journey.

Accommodating all shopping journey types

While some Royal Copenhagen customers are avid collectors aiming to complete their matching dining set, others like to mix and match across collections or simply look for inspiration. To support this duality and accommodate both shopping journeys, we have implemented two ways to discover the product range; design collections and individual product types. 

In addition, we have created a gifting section and a stories section, both offering inspiration for shoppers without a particular purchase in mind. On the product detail page, we focused on incorporating more storytelling and images.

Conversion rate optimisation on every page

In order to encourage users to complete their purchases at rather than opt for one of the resellers, we implemented a loyalty concept across the site. 

Leveraging unique selling points such as a breakage loyalty and a points system that allowed loyal customers to gain access to exclusive offers and benefits, we focussed on optimising conversion rates across all pages.

We created a set of modules for Royal Copenhagen to easily create a brand experience for new products. Gravitating towards branding and storytelling, the flexible toolkit is optimised for creating campaigns and product launches, rendering separate product launch marketing sites unnecessary. 

Much like Royal Copenhagen’s products and stores, the new e-commerce site exudes quality and craftsmanship, boosting brand value.


Strategy Director

Rasmus Keller Jansen

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