Fjord Line

Fjord Line’s journey to boost travel with paid social strategy

Fjord Line, an established player in the travel industry, partnered with DEPT® to drive sustainable growth. Our collaboration spans multiple markets, focusing on inspiring travel to Norway by promoting ferry trips and cruises to the country.

Nurturing Nordic adventures

Fjord Line’s goal was clear: to increase travel to Norway, emphasising ferry trips alongside the country’s scenic beauty. We faced the challenge of crafting a compelling customer journey, from initial inspiration to booking, targeting key markets in Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Holland.

Navigating with Meta

Our strategy reflects Fjord Line’s vision, covering every step of the customer journey—inspiration, consideration, and decision-making. Leveraging Meta’s platforms, Facebook and Instagram, we inspire and encourage travellers to book their Norwegian journeys. We amplify Fjord Line’s reach and engagement through targeted paid social campaigns, driving bookings with captivating content and precise advertising.

We’re leveraging Meta’s complete advertising toolkit to effectively connect with our audience throughout their journey.

To raise awareness of Fjord Line and Norway as a travel destination, we’re deploying Video View and Awareness campaigns. These initiatives aim to familiarise people with Fjord Line’s brand and showcase the allure of travelling to Norway.

For nurturing consideration, we’re implementing Traffic-optimised campaigns. These campaigns direct users to the Fjord Line website, where they can delve deeper into the destination and experience of travelling by ferry and cruise ship.

To drive conversions, we’re employing Conversion-optimised campaigns. These campaigns target a finely segmented audience of individuals who have displayed interest and are likely to make a purchase. This approach ensures we achieve the most cost-effective conversions, capturing the best opportunities.

In each market, we’re running localised campaigns tailored to resonate with the specific population. All content, including creatives and landing pages, is localised to ensure our ads are highly relevant and maximising conversion rates.

Charting seamless interaction

Supporting online sales across key markets, including Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Holland, our focus is enhancing user experience and providing valuable information about ferry trips. Our efforts seamlessly move from building awareness to facilitating consideration, culminating in the conversion journey, aligning with the many touchpoints of the customer journey.

Voyage unveiled

Our ongoing collaboration with Fjord Line has significantly bolstered its online presence across key markets. Beyond numbers, our efforts resonate with Fjord Line’s commitment to ferry travel, offering a tantalising glimpse into the unique experiences awaiting travellers in Norway aboard Fjord Line’s ferries.

We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with Deptagency. It is effortless and seamless; they demonstrate a genuine interest in our brand, and their competent specialists are proactive in our partnership, evident in the quality of their work. They serve as valuable sparring partners across creative and strategic aspects. Our collaboration with Deptagency has yielded very satisfying results.

Lina Lägel Pedersen, Marketing Manager, Fjord Line


Paid Social Director

Kasper Koletzki Kuipers

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