A brand new design for GANT

When our design team first sat down with GANT, the fashion brand had defined a new, transitional strategy: it was time to move towards a more modern brand feel and start appealing to a younger audience. With this in mind, GANT asked DEPT® to create a new website. What started as website design steadily grew into a whole new visual identity for all of GANT’s digital touchpoints.

Capturing the brand’s core values

We started from scratch, exploring how to incorporate GANT’s four core values — creativity, community, courage and confidence — into the design. Setting GANT apart from other fashion brands with an e-commerce solution was crucial. By translating confidence and courage into a bold, no-nonsense design with prominent images and strong colours, we created a visual expression of the brand’s values. Similarly, instead of showing off the logo, we dared to be different and decided to tone it down.

In addition to the brand’s values, we needed to make sure that GANT’s unique style also came across clearly in the new design.

Preppy fashion, with its collegiate roots and characteristic neat apparel, was a key source of inspiration for GANT, and college students embracing the style would often combine classic outfits with bold details or statement pieces to stand out from the crowd. Tapping into this idea, we wanted to play with contrasts to create the combination of classic and bold inherent to the brand’s identity.


The new design

Contrast is key

A simple grid system

Flexible features


A unique branded experience on a Salesforce platform

GANT’s site had already been migrated to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) in the summer of 2020 as phase one in the transformation project. With this migration, the brand moved beyond a simple e-commerce solution, and it was interesting to see how we could build on the large, standard platform to create a unique brand experience.

Making the most of the functionalities the Salesforce platform offers, we collaborated closely with the UX team at GANT to make informed design decisions based on data and user tests. As a result, the brand identity shines through in every phase of the customer journey; even in the image-sparse checkout flow.

The tech transformation

Ready for the future with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The online store is a jack of all trades

A worldwide digital strategy


A new visual identity

Working within a short time frame and collaborating closely with GANT, we have delivered a brand new site for the fashion brand. And website design is just the beginning. The new design has essentially become the basis of GANT’s overall visual identity, adding an edge that appeals to a younger target audience. Together we’ve laid out the ground rules, and now it’s time to start expanding.


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Rasmus Keller Jansen

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