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The sustainable food of the future

DEPT®’s project with Simple Feast, a certified B-corporation that offers plant-based meal kits to consumers in Denmark and Sweden, centers around the desire to reduce the environmental impact of the food we eat and create the sustainable food of the future.

As a fellow certified B Corp, DEPT® was perfectly placed to create a new e-commerce platform that reflects Simple Feast’s passion for the environment and that would help the brand continue to deliver on their mission to stop climate change and future-proof the planet for the next generations.

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Changing our eating habits to protect the environment

Simple Feast is on a mission to change our eating habits for the benefit of the environment. The brand wants to help busy families make the right choice of food for their own health and for the planet – without compromising on flavor or convenience.

Together with DEPT®, Simple Feast has combined e-commerce best practices and impactful design to nudge consumers towards trying out home meal kits that are 100% vegan, organic and locally sourced.

With a share vision to have a positive impact on society as a whole, Simple Feast relied on DEPT® to create a new digital experience for their website visitors, motivating people to eat healthy, organic and environmentally friendly.

The mission

Subscription meal kits are a ‘Red Ocean’ market, where the battle to attract and retain customers is continuous and intense. In order to succeed in its mission and champion sustainable eating habits, Simple Feast had to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it was crucial that the new site conveyed their mission clearly, reflecting their brand identity.

The new site needed to make it clear to customers what they are paying for when they buy a meal kit from the market’s green rebel. Choosing Simple Feast is not just a matter of convenience and quality, it’s also contributing towards a better and more sustainable world.

Another goal of the project was to highlight the company’s secondary line of products, namely the “Essentials” range, which are add-ons to the meal kits and, just like the main product line, are made of organic, vegan and locally sourced ingredients.

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Connecting through simplicity

To connect with consumers and ensure the company’s mission was communicated clearly, the goal was to create a website that presented Simple Feast as the frontrunners in the food of the future.

The site had to be user-friendly and work on both of Simple Feast’s markets (Denmark and Sweden). So we needed to create a design language that cut to the chase, stood out from the crowd and found the right balance between being rebellious and yet easy to relate to.

The solution was to turn to raw authenticity. To get to the core of the brand message, we kept the expression straightforward, with grids and images that go all the way to the edge of the page. In other words, we created a site that is just like its brand: simple.

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Making it easy to choose green

Together with Simple Feast, we have created a unique digital representation of the brand. Benefitting from UX and e-commerce best practices, we ensured an easy flow for new and existing customers.

It was essential to make it as easy as possible to choose meals, proceed to checkout and manage one’s subscription via the account pages. The redesign of subpages is still a work in progress, but the mission to make the brand’s activist spirit shine through is already complete.

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We were delighted with the redesign DEPT® delivered for our website. They understood our core identity and helped us redesign key elements of the site in a way that brought us closer to our clients. Not only did the new site had an impact on the commercial results, but it also better positions us as a certified B Corp and all that we stand for.

Andreas Mikkelsen, Lead Product Manager, Simple Feast

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