Google Analytics 360

The enterprise version of Google Analytics takes data-driven marketing to a higher level.

Actionable insights

With Google Analytics 360, marketers no longer suffer from sampling and get unlimited access to all raw data. DEPT® supports the implementation and the creative usage of data to achieve the set business objectives.

Google’s free version of Google Analytics is designed for websites with light to medium traffic that only require a standard set of analysis tools. When a certain threshold is reached, the data will be sampled. Companies running heavy traffic websites will have more substantial data requirements.

As a core component of the Google Marketing Platform, Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) takes care of measuring all the traffic data. You can analyse this data in the various existing reports and additional new reports, such as custom funnels.

With a visualisation tool such as Google Data Studio you can then connect the data with other sources for data visualisation and dashboarding. GA 360 also gives access to the raw data via BigQuery, Google’s data warehouse solution, which works super-fast and easy. The valuable insights that you obtain will immediately help you to optimise campaigns and landing pages. Your focus will shift from sessions to visitors.

The connection to a CRM solution or a Marketing Cloud such as Salesforce makes it possible to produce a comprehensive customer profile. By combining historical customer data and current online behaviour, you can map customer patterns and predict customer behaviour.

We start a GA 360 project with an audit of the implementation: how is everything currently being measured? Then we extend the implementation so all the necessary behaviour is measured and translated into company objectives via KPIs. Next, we apply the gained insights to remove bottlenecks and improve opportunities. This is an ongoing optimisation process in which visitor behaviour leads the creativity and results are continuously improved.

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Erwin Bossers