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Utilising our Experience Engineering approach, we empower customers to achieve significant milestones from the outset.


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Maximise value from your Adobe investments

DEPT®’s CXM Accelerator empowers an organisation to make the most of their Adobe investments by offering best practices and deep understanding of business context. Our unique Experience Engineering approach covers strategy, technology, execution and enablement, ensuring greater maturity from the initial launch.

Driving business value

  • Reaching larger audiences
  • Empowering creators by increasing their efficiency
  • Substantial increase in digital sales, making the online channel the most profitable one
  • Faster time to market with new products brought to market in days, not weeks or months
  • Target customers with calls-to-action delivered in dozens of languages

Beautiful Homes

Transforming a home decor publication into an experience-led commerce platform

Proven outcomes

  • 15% new policies from digital channels for a general insurer
  • Up to 90% faster go-to-market for new products across lenders & insurers
  • 40% less time needed to create and launch landing pages

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