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As the trusted Experience Engineering partner for Fortune 500 enterprises, our expertise in core API development accelerates our customers’ time to market for their digital investments.


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The use of Node.js has been instrumental in helping us develop several scalable (both horizontally and vertically) network applications. While some of our clients have used our services for both front-end and back-end of server-side applications in Node.js, others have chosen to run their Node.js applications through cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, thus eliminating the need for a server.

AWS API gateway

AWS API Gateway acts as a “front door” for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from your backend services, such as workloads running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), code running on AWS Lambda, any web application, or real-time communication applications.


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Our team is highly proficient in using WSO2, an open-source platform, for integration of APIs, applications, and web services through service chaining, message routing, transformation, and mediation. These skills have been valuable in assisting clients while getting RESTful APIs developed and implemented. WSO2 was instrumental in designing and prototyping APIs, publishing and governing their use, imparting controlled access and security features, and managing API traffic and performance.


SHAFT works as an enabler for controlling APIs. It minimises the efforts needed for implementation by allowing secure convergence of data from different file formats such as CSV, DB, and TXT. onto a single platform. 

In addition, not only it simplifies highly optimised UI making it easy for users to gain access to information across different systems, but it also includes several data consolidation tools that allow data to be captured in a uniform manner to generate MIS reports. At DEPT®, we have long-standing experience in working with SHAFT for rapid API development, deployment, and future customisation. Over the years, we have worked on all three types of API integrations using SHAFT (Native, Remote, and Database) with the inclusion of features such as Single Sign On, which helps clients develop rock-solid MIS.


We are adept at using APIGEE UIs to create, configure, and manage API proxies and API products, as well as implement JavaScript and Node.js applications. Apart from facilitating such API development and deployment, a key feature of APIGEE is the use of policies that ensure much higher security for the application.

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