DEPT®/COMMERCE is a team of 2,000+ experts helping brands to grow their business by connecting the dots of the modern commerce journey. With over 20 years of experience across fashion and lifestyle, retail, consumer goods, automotive and B2B, we are helping to shape the future of commerce.

Creating seamless shopping experiences

Buyer behaviours are continually shifting. In a world where everything is shoppable, tech stacks stifle innovation and personalisation needs to be a reality, brands need to be smarter and faster to stay ahead.

DEPT® works with commerce brands across industries to create flawless shopping experiences that fuel their business growth. Together we create a holistic customer journeys and a world-class experience, paired with robust marketing strategies and creative that embrace new behaviours, technology and data.

Our expertise

2,000+ experts offering integrated end-to-end commerce services to help brands and retailers grow their business.

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End-to-end Capabilities

DEPT®/COMMERCE covers the entire digital customer journey. Our expertise in Engineering, Experience, Creative, Growth, Data and AI ensures integrated, end-to-end digital customer experiences.

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Strong partnerships

We help brands navigate the commerce ecosystem and make the most of their investments through our partnerships with the most important tech, media and data leaders in the industry. We have 20+ years of expertise implementing solutions across the entire ecosystem and with the growing number of new technologies available to brands. We have thousands of certified experts with deep technical expertise available to help commerce brands push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.

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Data & AI

We connect a brand’s entire customer journey with a strategic framework and tools that blend data, machine learning and AI to improve decision-making, speed and campaign performance. We automate our work while utilizing our proprietary martech platform, ADA/DEPT®.

Experience across every industry

We help brands across every industry to shape the future of their commerce experience and fuel their business growth. We understand the unique challenges and different levels of digital maturity across both B2C and B2B organisations. From traditional brands like Diageo who venture into D2C, to supporting commerce leaders like eBay, we’ve done it all. Our experience will help your team to move faster, make smarter decisions, and drive consistent growth.

Our approach to commerce

Through our integrated, end-to-end commerce offering, we’re ready to help clients build, run, grow, and pioneer commerce.

Design & build:
We work with you to understand who your brand is and how you differentiate from the competition to design and build an experience that is ownable and unique. Driving loyalty today is about exposing who you are coupled with a shopping experience that is seamless, surprising, and frictionless from consideration to conversion.

Connecting the entire customer journey: We connect your customer journey with a strategic framework and tools that blend machine learning and AI to improve decision-making and automating our work. The result is more impactful, smarter, and faster campaigns.

Pioneering Commerce: We embrace every opportunity that technology brings to the industry, from experimentation to third party marketplaces. We can help you to integrate innovative technologies that will give you a competitive edge.

Creative approach: While data and technology are important, creativity is also vital. Stand out from the competition with our strategies that will effectively engage your customers.

Our clients

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve helped many B2C and B2B brands to grow their commerce business.

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