Increasing brand awareness during Cyber Week

Philips Domestic Appliances brings proven engineering and design innovation to households and helps people turn their houses into homes. From kitchen electronics to home care, the brand is a leader among the most valuable small home appliances brands.

In search of a reliable Amazon partner, Philips came to DEPT® to support the growth of their Domestic Appliances business in the NAM markets and entrusted us to grow their brand awareness and loyalty during Cyber Week on Amazon.

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Black Friday called for new solutions

The period of cooperation fell on the peak event of the year – Cyber Week, which posed unique challenges in which gaining brand awareness and not getting lost among the top deals was the key objective. We developed an effective advertising strategy that included the lead-in and lead-out phases of the event, as well as combining Search and DSP advertising to help us counteract the chaos of the event. 

Given the inevitable increase in consumer demand of Black Friday, the majority of our attention was focused on this specific day. Not everything went smoothly, as there was a lag in the actual expenditure console, which made it difficult to track the budget. However, with the help of pacVue software, we were able to daypart the campaigns.

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Three-stage collaboration

The starting point of our work was the Roadmap for Q4-22 and 2023 where we described in detail the three stages of our cooperation: Strategic Consulting, Advertising, and Monitoring & Optimization.

three stage collaboration

Strategic Consulting at the forefront

We placed market analysis as our top priority to get important data from each of the relevant parts of the customer journey: visibility, traffic, consideration and purchase. The data obtained helped us move forward, as we got an overview of the brand’s market environment and gained valuable insights into the brand’s performance on the Amazon marketplace.

Designing a tailored advertising strategy

Keeping in mind that we had to ensure the best possible outcome, we leveraged both Search & DSP Advertising, as well as internal and external check-ins & alignments. We raced the clock, implementing this advertising strategy and building campaigns from scratch within just one week during the already demanding Q4.

Going the extra mile

Positive results today do not always mean growth in the future, so we continuously monitored the effectiveness of the campaigns to be able to optimize them throughout the entire deal period. This process included daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates on budget and campaign results, which ensured transparency of our work for the client.

Philips results

Goals over-delivery

Our efforts have resulted in not only achieving the goals but also exceeding them and even becoming a bestseller #1 with one of the products – PHILIPS 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo.



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