Doubled revenue after website localisation

EMU is an international shoe producer from Australia who is famous for premium sheepskin boots. The brand is proud of its tradition, and authentic Australian hand craft which is why it puts emphasis on natural, high-quality materials. With its outstanding comfort integrated in modern design, the brand is very popular among women with an active lifestyle that requires fashionable shoes all day long. DEPT® helped EMU establishing a higher reach on the German market by localising the website in the German language.

The power of localization

Many companies remain with an English language website when growing internationally. We built the hypothesis that creating a localised website for the German market would boost the ROI by generating more relevant traffic and improved on-site conversion.

Upon this great success we continued our localisation projects with DEPT®

Lifting performance with multiple strategies

DEPT® identified a few key initiatives to lift overall performance:

  • Thorough SEO work, with a native German speaking marketing specialist
  • Copywriting for SEO optimisations whilst keeping in line with overall brand tone of voice
  • Localising the entire English website into German, including localised service propositions such as payment options, delivery, etc.


Increased CVR


Organic traffic increase


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