Video Production

Video is the ultimate snackable content. It’s quick, easy to digest and it’s (when done right) a visual treat to the eyes. And we’re talking any type of video here: real-life video, animated clips, documentaries, augmented reality, even GIFs. Making something move will convey much more information, plus, motion is yet another dimension you can use to establish your brand identity. To top it all off, something that moves will always draw more attention than something static.

How can we help?

The beauty of having an in-house video production team is that we can help you with videos as part of a brand strategy or campaign, but also when it is a standalone video that you’d like us to make. Whatever the case is, we can help. We offer a wide range of video styles for you to choose from. Animation, shooting days, insane editing projects, voice-overs David Attenborough would be jealous of, or even just up the ante to make otherwise not-so-exciting content more appealing. We’re in this together.

At DEPT®, we all work together to maximise the effect of your previously produced video. From creative to production, post-production, and distribution, our team of experienced writers, directors, and producers work to ensure the best projects are executed and delivered. We collaborate with you to create (personalised) video messages for all sorts of platforms, including websites, social media, and YouTube.

Thanks to our social team, your video content will withstand the competition of kitten videos and smiling babies across all social media channels. And thanks to our digital marketing team, your video will be seen by the right people at the right moment. Data analytics will show the uplift in Google searches for your brand after launching your campaign. Together we will increase traffic and – ultimately – your conversion rates.