DEPT® Growth Marketing Week 2023


08 November

09:00-11:00 CET

Join us in person or through livestream to gain the strategic marketing insights needed to drive business growth in 2024 with brands such as Matas, LEGO, Magasin du Nord, Ørsted, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

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DEPT® Growth Marketing Week

Livestream or in-person

8 November 2023

What’s in store…

In today’s uncertain economy, marketers are under increasing pressure to save costs while driving growth; with leaders closely monitoring ROI while searching for the magic formula to succeed. 

Fortunately, marketing technology continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace, and when leveraged effectively, offers strategic growth solutions to help you respond to market challenges and increase market share – even within a challenging environment. 

This is exactly what we’ll be exploring throughout DEPT® Growth Week. Register now to hear from industry leading experts and immerse yourself in discussions around the latest trends and developments.

Building Lasting Connections

Hear how top-notch loyalty and CRM strategies show you how to create meaningful customer connections that span the entire customer lifecycle. Dive into the art of nurturing customer relationships and building that tribe that stands the test of time. Hear how brands like Matas, Magasin du Nord, LEGO, Ørsted, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen build lasting connections to accelerate growth. 

Omnichannel and the use of data in the customer journey

Omnichannel marketing has undergone a seismic shift, evolving from a buzzword to a non-negotiable strategy for marketers. Today a seamless, integrated journey across all channels is the expectation, not the exception. Younger audiences are driving this change, expecting brands to provide them with a consistent and personalized experience. Leveraging data is key in this transformation, offering marketers a golden opportunity to truly understand their audience, predict behaviors, and optimize interactions at every touchpoint of the customer journey. This talk will unpack how to leverage omnichannel strategies and data analytics to drive growth, enhance customer engagement, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving market. Gain the strategic marketing insights you need to drive business growth in 2024.

Don’t miss out on your chance to prepare for what’s next in growth marketing. 

You can register to join this livestream from anywhere in the world, but if you’d like to attend IRL in Copenhagen, please let us know via the registration form. Spaces are super limited, so we’ll be in touch to confirm your place. 

This event is part of the global DEPT® Growth Marketing Week – hosted in five major cities across the world. You can participate daily in different growth marketing events via livestream. Check out this event page for the complete overview and to register for additional talks.

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09:00am CET



In-person welcome, breakfast & mingling


09:30am CET


Victor Marcus Lunde (DEPT®)


Opening words


09:35am CET


Peter Hestbæk (Matas), Brian Cole (Ørsted), Henri Legentil-Borup
(Magasin Du Nord), Martin Wolf (LEGO), Sara Lockhart Gammelgaard
(Flying Tiger Copenhagen) & Katrine Andersen (DEPT®)

Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Building Lasting Connections

Learn how to create meaningful customer connections to build your tribe


10:15am CET

Keynote speaker

Peter Hestbæk (Matas)


Leveraging data in online retail

From physical retailer to digital market leader

Meet the speakers

Martin Wolf

Global Director of Digital Content, LEGO Group

Martin Wolf, the current Global Director of Digital Content at the LEGO Group, boasts a distinguished career in digital leadership. With nearly 12 years at L’Oréal, he played instrumental roles as Nordic Digital Director and further as a key driver for digital transformation across the Nordics. His expertise, which spans e-commerce, strategic planning, and organizational leadership, showcases a profound blend of vision and realization in the digital landscape

Sara Lockhart Gammelgaard

Team Lead Marketing Performance, Flying Tiger

Sara Lockhart Gammelgaard, Team Lead for Marketing Performance at Flying Tiger, combines digital communications and social media expertise with proven success in managing significant client portfolios, including brands like ASOS and Unilever. Skilled in digital strategy, content creation, and data analysis, her leadership has made her a prominent figure in digital communications. With over 10 years in the field, Sarah consistently delivers excellence and innovation.

Peter Hestbæk

Head of Digital Sales & Marketing, Matas

Peter is a dedicated marketing professional with over 20 years of online marketing experience and a proven track record of successful projects, from initial concepts to implementation and follow-up. He possesses the ability to build motivated teams with strong problem-solving skills. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to achieve his goals and consistently goes the extra mile to ensure success

Henri Legentil-Borup

Head of Customer Insights & Analytics, Magasin du Nord

Henri Legentil-Borup stands at the intersection of data analytics and e-commerce expertise, with over a decade of prominent leadership within the industry. As Head of Customer Insights & Analytics at Magasin du Nord, he masterfully translates business challenges into data solutions. His deep understanding of the e-commerce tech ecosystem distinguishes him as an expert. With roles spanning from IC Group A/S to Amadeus IT Group, Henri combines technical skill with strategic insight

Brian Coles

Marketing Automation Lead, Ørsted

As the Marketing Automation Lead at Ørsted, Brian Coles has played a crucial role in amplifying user engagement and substantially growing the active user database. With nearly three decades of work experience and a profound background in Marketing Automation, Brian has masterfully applied his B2B marketing know-how and touchpoint expansion skills to become a key player in building valuable stakeholder relationships. He also recently published his own book called ‘Your Marketing Automation Journey’.

Katrine Andersen

Katrine Andersen

Marketing Automation & Maker’s Hub Director, DEPT®

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Katrine Andersen is the driving force behind DEPT’s Marketing Automation and creative content efforts. In her role, she has been instrumental in growing the marketing automation department. She is also a strategist at heart, from designing impactful sales approaches to fostering lasting customer relationships

Victor Marcus Lunde

Account Director & Head of Business Development, DEPT®

Victor Lunde is an experienced Account Director with expertise across the marketing disciplines. With a profound understanding of the digital landscape, Victor advises our customers on accelerating digital transformation and generating business impact. Victor also serves as our Head of Business Development, helping our business teams drive business growth and positioning DEPT® in the Nordics