Revolutionising content creation at scale

Recognising the importance of digital excellence, JYSK has been a valued partner of DEPT®. Together, we navigate the complex e-commerce landscape and find ways to leverage emerging tech. 

In their latest endeavour, JYSK needed a better way to create content and optimise their product category pages across many languages.

Unveiling the challenge

JYSK needed to populate over 2,000 category pages with engaging content. This challenge was magnified by resource limitations and the linguistic variations across their diverse target markets. The primary aim was to expedite content creation while upholding quality standards, particularly in smaller language markets where linguistic intricacies presented additional obstacles.

Crafting the core strategy

We pioneered a groundbreaking solution to integrate AI technology into JYSK’s content creation workflow. Utilising the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, our team developed a sophisticated approach to automate content generation while maintaining the essence of JYSK’s distinct tone of voice and brand identity. 

Through collaborative efforts with native content specialists, we ensured alignment between the AI-generated content and JYSK’s established writing style and language nuances, facilitating a smooth integration of AI into their content creation process.

Building bridges

The project’s implementation phase involved meticulous planning and execution, guided by our commitment to delivering exceptional results for JYSK. Our team orchestrated a streamlined process wherein AI-generated content underwent rigorous review and partial remodelling by native language experts. 

This iterative approach ensured the content’s adherence to JYSK’s tone of voice. It also minimised the risk associated with AI-generated content, paving the way for a transition to an AI-powered content creation model.

Unveiling the transformation

Our collaboration with JYSK sparked a content creation revolution, yielding impressive results across the board. With over 500 pages of content crafted in 28 languages, JYSK experienced a remarkable boost in efficiency, slashing content creation time by an impressive 66%. 

The strategic integration of AI technology didn’t just streamline processes; it translated into tangible business growth, evidenced by the following results:

  • Overall improvement of 9.22% in average organic rankings across all markets (improving from an average position of 11 to 10).
  • 17.37% increase in avg. organic impressions.
  • 1% increase in avg. CTR

These achievements underscore the impact of our partnership on JYSK’s digital presence, setting new standards for excellence in e-commerce content creation and optimisation.

As we continue to push boundaries and explore new possibilities, we remain dedicated to empowering brands like JYSK to fulfil their digital aspirations and excel in today’s dynamic digital landscape.


SEO Specialist

Lidija Pištelek

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