Unveiling SEO Success

Coravin, a pioneering player in the wine industry, has partnered with DEPT® to navigate the digital landscape and enhance their online presence.

Coravin’s indexation challenge

Coravin faced indexation issues across all domains, as its sitemap and Hreflang logic were not set up according to SEO best practices. Its articles either saw a delayed indexation rate or no indexation at all.

The client approached us with the ambition to be a thought leader in everything wine-related. However, their technical setup was limiting their visibility internationally.

Our tactics for Coravin’s web presence

Our approach involved a comprehensive Hreflang and sitemap cleanup, addressing the specific challenges flagged by Coravin. We crafted Hreflang guidelines that adhered to SEO best practices, providing a roadmap for Coravin’s internal development team.

The Hreflang logic was strategically implemented in the website’s <head>, offering a more streamlined solution than Hreflang XML sitemaps. We devised updated and comprehensive XML sitemaps per domain, ensuring automated updates every three days to encompass relevant URLs.  The implementation met standard practices, considering multiple languages and regions, positioning Coravin for sustained SEO success.

Enhancing Coravin’s online landscape

By delivering a robust Hreflang logic across all domains, we significantly improved Coravin’s SEO strategy and enhanced organic visibility.

The implementation process was seamlessly executed, ensuring the new framework would benefit Coravin’s online presence. Partnering with Content King, a technical auditing tool, further fortified the project.

Visible impact

The results of our efforts were swift and impactful. A comprehensive comparison before and after the implementation showcased significant improvements.


  • 26.6% YoY increase in clicks
  • 201% YoY increase in impressions
  • 8.6% increase in clicks after 3 months
  • 27% increase in impressions after 3 months
  • 3.4 average position rankings improvement after 3 months

Exceptional results achieved by a team that embodies the perfect blend of strategic power and hands-on execution. True pioneers in the SEO landscape, leading the way with innovation and expertise.

Vilius Venckus, Director of Digital Growth, Coravin


Senior SEO Specialist

Natalie Kunz

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